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This match means everything.

Antonio Everrett

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The scene opens to a familiar sight of a grungy looking London gym. The Uncrowned are sitting in the same position they were but a few days ago, both looking dreary, but an air of determination is present as Antonio addresses the camera.


Antonio: C.Q.C, I have to hand it to ya, you finally mustered up the courage to finally respond. And I only really have one thing to say to you guys.


Antonio: Thank you.


Antonio leans in.


Antonio: The opportunity that you have given us is more than we ever could have imagined. An opportunity for us to earn our way back up to the top. It may not seem like we’ve had to earn much over the past few months, but trust me when I say that this match means everything.


Antonio: This isn’t just an opportunity for us to fight for those tag titles once again, this is an opportunity for us to prove to ourselves that we belong here. That we aren’t just here because of what we’ve achieved over the past year, that we’re here because of what we can do right now.


Doc: And believe me, this time, we’re not going to be looking past Devil’s Night. C.Q.C, you can stay on your pedestals, we don’t care about that anymore. Not until we beat whoever’s going to be standing across from us that night. Bring Golden Cobra, bring Rhyme Tyme, hell, bring P3. Nothing is standing in our way to victory on Devil’s Night, and then we can talk about a rematch.


Antonio: So if you’ll excuse us, we have a match to prepare for. We’ll be waiting.


With that, the two walk away intensely.

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