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Blaine Public Statement


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Blaine stood patiently at the podium.

Reporter: How is the leg?


Blaine gave her leg a hard whack with her hand to prove a point.

Blaine: Healing.


Reporter: How long will you be out?


Blaine: Not why I'm here.


Reporter: Then why call this conference?


Blaine scanned the room before continuing in a dejected voice.

Blaine: I'm not ready to return...My leg had been injured at Mugen’s Beach Party, I tried to make it to the end of the season, but hefty bitches happen. I will be back, but I’m not looking forward to it.


The crowd mummers a bit at being told the dominant Blaine wasn’t looking forward to returning.

Blaine: Valkyrie is abducted, our women's champion and what do you do? Nothing. Where are your balls? I hate the bitch as much as anyone else, but what the hell?


Blaine: She's the best. The very best. She is the god damn champion. The fucking champion!


A public relations agent came running up.

PR agent: Blaine, you can’t swear!


Blaine: No! These cu--

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