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Moving on Up!


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There’s snow everywhere this time of the year. But also it’s 75 degrees and sunny as well. But oh well. That’s what you get when you live in Denver Colorado. It’s the home of OCW World Heavyweight Champion H2O.


He pulls up to his family’s home with a big moving truck right behind him. Harvey steps out of one of his more sophisticated vehicles. A brand new icey blue Audi Q7 to handle some of the rocky terrain.


His wardrobe matches the truck as far as sophistication goes. He’s wearing dress pants, shoes, a shirt and vest with a tie. Above all else he has his World Heavyweight Title in his hand.


Can’t leave it alone with KD still lurking possibly.


He looks toward the house and sees that nobody is home. He heads towards the driver of the moving truck as the driver awaits for instructions on what he has to do next.


H2O: Apparently, my Mother and Father isn’t here so this move is going to be easy. We have to move quickly to avoid any delays. I have work to do in just a few weeks.


H2O: There’s a big payout if we get this complete in a hurry. Understood?


The driver smiles from ear to ear and looks to his helpers sitting in the cab with him. They all look back towards Harvey and at the same time they say…


Movers: Understood!


H2O shakes the drivers hand and walks to the house to unlock the door for the movers and start the job.


Harvey leaves the door open when he walks in. He looks around for a moment to reminisce on the house he grew up in. The house is a very big one with an open concept.


You can see everything from the vantage point where Harvey is standing. All his personal belongings is already packed in boxes in the living room.


He heads towards the kitchen and leans up against the island. He looks up and his Mom suddenly appears in front of him.


She’s preparing a meal for dinner.


Mom2O: Harvey, I can see the look on your face. That look hasn’t left since we moved here. What’s wrong?


H2O remembers his own response to his Mother.


H2O: Ma, I never wanted to leave. I’m leaving all my friends, most of our family and the best swim team in the world!


Mom2O: If they were your real friends they will always be there for you no matter where move in the world. Did you ever keep the phone numbers of that blonde haired guy and the other one with all those tattoos?


H2O pauses for a moment and looks down towards the counter and picks his head back up again to look at his Mom.


H2O: Yes. But those guys are involved in Indy Wrestling. It’ll be so hard to talk to them long distance. The only way I could talk with them was to follow them to their shows and find opportunities to talk with them backstage.


Mom2O: I never liked you doing that. A teenage kid hanging around a bunch of grown men. God knows what you experienced. If it wasn’t for your Dad you would’ve never been there.


Dad2O: You have to trust our son. You can’t keep trying to make him a Mama’s Boy.


Mom2O: Excuse me!?


H2O looks to his left and sees his Father walk down the hallway and towards the kitchen.


Dad2O: Look at him. He doesn’t have any tats nor did he dye his hair blonde. He’s a clean cut, spiky hair little kid that wears loud clothes.


All of them laugh at the same time.


H2O: I want to go back home, Dad. It’s boring here.


Dad2O: Is that why your behavior in school is so erratic?


H2O: I guess.


Dad2O: Going back home isn’t going to change who you are. YOU can only change that. You ace all your tests that is given to you but your behavior ALWAYS will bring down your grade. Understood?


H2O: Yes sir.


Mom2O: I think we had enough of this topic. Why don’t you go and clean up that living room. It’s almost time to eat.


Mover: Living room is almost cleaned out champ.


H2O turns quickly and was startled for just a split second.


H2O walks into the living room and sees all his model cars that he built in a circle with one still in construction. He always had a love for cars, especially rare sports cars.


The rare ones are high octane and hard to obtain.


The cars fade and turn back into boxes. He looks at the box sitting in front of him and it reads “Fragile”.


Harvey snaps away from the last box that contains his modeled cars and heads back into the kitchen to talk to his parents.


But they too had disappeared.


The movers take the remaining box from the living room and heads out the door.


Mover: We’re all set here, Champ. We’ll meet you there?


H2O: Yes. I’ll see you guys there in a couple of days.


Movers: Ok, Boss. See you there.


H2O turns back to take one final look inside the house.


H2O: Sorry Mom but you have to trust me. You raised a good kid and I wouldn’t change for anyone.


H2O: Dad, I’m sorry. . I have to go back to Calgary. I’m sure this will be the answer in order to receive a better grade.


H2O walks backwards out the door and closes it.


His parents reappear inside the house looking at the doorway.


Mom2O: I get scared every time he walks out that door alone.


Dad2O: Me too. But we raised a good man with a bright future. He will be great.


Harvey’s Dad puts his arm around his wife as the two fade away along with the scene.

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