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Ice Empress

Ashley Moore

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An old New York building is seen with an old vintage sign that hangs outside the building that reads “New York Style Homemade Ice Cream”. Empress can be seen in the window of the shop hunched over the bar counter scooping ice cream into a waffle bowl and laughing.


A black Jaguar F-Type pulls up to the outside of the shop window coming to a screeching halt Ashley Moore steps out of the vehicle and walks toward the shop. She slams open the door and charges toward Empress.




Empress doesn’t turn around and continues to scoop ice cream into the bowl.


Empress: I’m pathetic? You barge in here and interrupt Kassianity’s ice cream event for the kids like some kind of psychopath. What is your problem, Moore? You lost, now leave me alone.


Ashley turns to see all the kids holding their ice cream and staring at her. She clears her throat and calms down a little.


Ashley Moore: First you hack the billboards to spread your lies, now you are targeting innocent children. Is there anything you wouldn’t do for your sick cult?


Empress turns around and she’s wearing a pink apron with a cute green “Godzilla” type monster on with the words “I Rawr you”. She passes the ice cream over to one of the children then stares over at Ashley.


Empress: Listen, this event is for children and I know you might have the mind of a newborn child but you’re a little over the hill. So what is it you want? Because I’m busy.


Ashley Moore: I was looking for you. I am here to tell you about my foundation. An exit program for Kassianity members.


Ashley Moore: And you can be…


Empress wipes the ice cream off her hands into Ashley Moore’s shirt who looks at her in disgust.


Empress: Let me stop you right there, sweetie. Whatever you are selling, I’m not buying. So if you are done talking there’s the door please show yourself out. I have ice cream to serve.


Ashley Moore: Since I can’t get you, at least let me get Valkyrie. Before our match at September 2 Remember I had the chance to chat with her and I know how you get her to stay on your side.


Ashley Moore: You are blackmailing her.


Empress stops for a moment like something struck a nerve. She hands off one last ice cream cone to a child and walked him out the door. As the child leaves she locks the door behind him and takes off the apron then turns to smile at Ashley as a couple of guys in black outfits stand up from the tables in the ice cream Parlor.


Empress: You know you really shouldn’t go around spreading rumors like that. Rumors are bad and they hurt people’s feelings and my family doesn’t like it when people hurt my feelings.


The goons surround Ashley and grab her to stopping her from moving, while Empress grabs a knife from behind the counter. She rubs the side of the knife against Ashley’s face.


Empress: I didn’t know Valkyrie came with so much baggage. But it wouldn’t be my first time dealing with a jealous ex-girlfriend. So, let’s see how much Valk actually means to you. How’s this for shits and giggles at Devil’s Night, Valkyrie will be free to go If … you can beat me in a match.


Ashley Moore: Deal!


Empress cuts off a few strands of Ashley’s Hair then begins waving the knife around ecstatically.


Empress: Wait I’m not finished...If I’m putting something on the line you need to put something on the line.


Ashley Moore: What do you want?


Empress: You have a nice colorful briefcase in your possession that I would love to get my hands on. Valkyrie for the FI Case. If you win you get Valkyrie signed, sealed, and delivered..but, If I win I become the owner of the FI Case and contract. Do we have a deal?


Ashley Moore: Ok.


Empress: Are you fucking serious? I never expected that to work. I mean geez...I knew you were dumb but, not that dumb. Hahaha...Looks like we have a deal Boys!


Ashley Moore: I wasn’t going to use use it anyways as long as Valkyrie is the Champ and part of your shitty little group.


One of the goons open Ashley’s Hand. Empress takes the knife and cuts Ashley’s palm.


Ashley Moore: Ouch, what the frick is that? Just slap me with a glove next time.


She then cuts her own palm and shakes Ashley’s hand.


Empress: It’s a blood oath. I always wanted to do a blood oath with someone, but honestly I just really wanted to cut you is all.


Empress unlocks the door as The goons shove Ashley out on to the street.


Empress: I’ll see you at Devils Night. Don’t forget to bring my FI case. Bitch!


Empress slams the door.

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Ashley Blain watches the video segment unfold as she stretched her right leg back with the assistance of her personal trainer.


She begins to mutter to herself.


Blaine: Talk, talk, talk. No balls...


Trainer: What was that?


Blaine: Higher angle! We need this leg to get bet-


The trainer notices the ongoing segment.


Trainer: Oh! I just love Empress. She is just so silly. Oh and her man, Kass...so dreamy.




Blaine raised her finger threatening to smack again.


Blaine: If you talk about Empress again, you're gonna have a bad time.

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