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W.O.W Radio

Benji Moore

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People tune in as the W.O.W Morning show airs straight out of New York City.


Anthony: "Good Morning and your listening to the W.O.W Morning Show with your Co-Hosts, Anthony Banks and Yolanda Reeds. You all won't believe me when I say that for the second time we're are here with the New York OG Benjamin Moore!


Yolanda who sat just beside Benjamin claps as she heightens the moment; the others soon join in at his presence.


Yolanda: "And as usual, he brought me my flowers."


Benjamin: "Yes yes, something light yu know?"


Anthony: "Always a gentlemen Benji huh?


Benjamin: "Of course.."


Anthony: "He's back in NY everyone.. And Benji to me it seems like OCW, the Wrestling Fed that you've now been apart of for three years has introduced you into a whole new audience am I right to say that?"


Benjamin: "It has yes, I've been recently given the chance to actually cut da ribbon of a new grand opening gym down in Queens. Yu see, mi think even being here back on W.O.W for da second time has elevated my popularity here in New York. I even got mi own action figure. Tings are great for me."


Anthony: "It's sorta become a running joke because Benji you were so close to that title shot but you allowed yourself to take an "L". What happened Benji?"


Benjamin: Things happen in the ring Anthony that can't be explained. But mi tell yu now, if mi get a chance like that again mi won't hold back! Even Tiberius Dupree got knocked down once or twice, it's how yu come back that matters in this line of work."


Anthony: "Now wasn't your season cut short towards the end of 14? I saw the media going wild with all sorts of reason why you weren't booked after your defeat."


Yolanda: "Some are even saying that you were fired.. What's the real tea?"


Benjamin: "Haha, Is dat what dem saying? No, Mi was invited to be a judge of this year's Dancehall King and Queen competition; down in Atlanta Georgia."


Anthony: "Without giving to much details, How was it?"


Benjamin: "The competition was tough and full of surprises."


Yolanda:: "Speaking of surprises, How about this unexpected grudge match with the ladies coming up on Devil's Night? I mean OCW has some tough women. I couldn't do it."


Benjamin: "Our OCW ladies are full of big tings. This match can go either way."


Anothony: "No arguments there, but for a short moment we will be heading into break so we will be right back. When we return we."


Yolanda: "..and don't forget to call into your #1 station of the morning! We will be taking calls when we come back. Who knows we might even have Benjamin Moore Ny's Icon take your calls and questions, don't go to far.."


The theme music would start to play as you hear low chatter before the radio went into their routine commercials

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