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TY, you are the future.


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TY Sparks waits patiently a table of the bustling 201 Firehouse restaurant. Uncertain of how long he would be here and painfully aware of $4 of change jingling in pocket, he only orders water.


Indiscreet B17 takes a seat directly across from the nervous young man.

Ty: Bingo! What the hell are we doing here? I can’t afford this place!


B17 hushes him down with a hard stare.


B17: How's the jaw?


Ty: It hurts.


B17 nods his head: Good, good. Something for your to remember.


Ty's face droops.


B17: TY, you are the future. But you are not the now. You have potential, but it is unfulfilled. When I first found you, you were lost and directionless. Many had written you off. Now look at you! You’ve battled H20 and took him to the limit! All because of me.


A beautiful blonde waitress stops by: May I take your order, sir?


B17: You will order the boy anything he desire.


Sparks rattles off a few random dishes, not fully aware of what they are.

When she leaves, B17 turns to Sparks.

B17: You begged to be apart of The B Community, but The B Community is dead. It is dead and gone because of weak members that forgot what I had done for them. From now on you will remember where you came from. As my most loyal follower, I name you my first Lost Boy.


Ty looks confused.

B17: But…


B17 gritted his teeth: YOU FAILED TO DEFEAT THE UNCROWNED. Empress has told me of her displeasure with you.


Sparks: W-We work for Kasstianity now?! Wh- Who did this to you?


B17 Reaches over the table and grabs Ty by the scruff of the neck.


B17: The numbers, Ty. The numbers have set me free. And the numbers have shown me your next target...but that is for another time. Enjoy your meal Sparks. And when they ask for payment. Give them this.


B17 hands Ty an odd looking coin.

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