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Blaine press conference


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The podium read “The Queen of OCW” but the women behind the stand didn’t find much comfort in it. She just stood complacent and waiting.

No one seemed certain where to start so Stacy Clark got the ball rolling.

Clark: Blaine...why the hell didn’t you go after Valkyrie? You lost your chance at the championship!


Blaine: I lost nothing. Last night Valkyrie hit me with everything and I hit her with everything. She didn’t stay down. I didn’t stay down. Last night wasn’t about the championship. Last night was about how no one could rise to overcome Valkyrie...except for me.


Clark: But why come back?


Blaine: To find out if anyone was ready. To see if any of them have balls, but the answer was no. Neither one of us want to admit it but Valk and I bring out the best in each other. And that is why I have to step away.


Female reporter: Excuse me! What?


Blaine: I was not prepared to return. I won on a broken freakin leg. I proved without a doubt that I am the baddest mother fucker in OCW and now I have to take care of myself using the fat check OCW just cut for me being their “Queen”.


The collected reporters continued to mutter and shout out in hopes of having their question answered next.

Blaine: My doctors originally told me 4 months. OCW gave me 6 weeks. And now OCW can kiss my ass. I gave them what they needed. They needed a killer and they got it. They wanted the belt off of Valk, I gave them that opportunity. Ashley Moore you can send a personal thank you. And send location when you’re ready to face “The Queen of OCW”.


Clark: But-


Blaine: Shut up. This next statement is for Valk and only for Valk. I don’t care when, I don’t care how. As far as I’m concerned we are far from over. When you are ready and I’m healed we can show these women what being a champion really means.

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