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My Lost Boys!


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B17: My Lost Boys!


B17 looked at Ty Sparks and Elliot Parker with his arms outstretched and a smile on his face.

B17: Empress wants me to express her satisfaction with both of you. And I personally wish to commend you on becoming warriors of Kasstinaty!


Ty started clapping but immediately stops when he realizes both men are staring at him.

B17: But I am not satisfied...Kasstianity was wounded the other night. Kasstianity bled last night! And we must protect it at all costs! You are the first line in the defense of Kasstianity and threats are arming themselves against us.


Parker cracks his knuckles.

B17: Easy, Parker. You’ve already struck the first blow and perhaps it is a fatal one to the disorganized team of Cort and his masked fool. And, Ty. Your dismantling of Jehst truly brought my heart soaring!


Parker: Well maybe I want to do some more damage. Trust me, I'm only getting started this season.


B17: I will provide you many people to damage.


Ty starts to clap again and B17 and Parker look at him

Sparks: What? I can’t be happy about my… our win?

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