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He's in the 'ol Thinking Piece

Jackson Montgomery

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Jackson is stomping around in the locker room area, clearly upset about the outcome of his match versus Judge Leroy Brown III. Every couple of paces, Jackson would stop and put the cold ice pack he had in his hand up to the back of his head where JLB3 dropped him. After a few seconds, Jackson would start pacing again, muttering something to himself. As he’s doing this, he’s also tossing things into his bag, packing up for the night. He gets his knee pads in the bag when Jim Black walks in.


Jim Black: Hey JackMo. You got a few minutes to talk about your match tonight?


Jackson is visibly irritated, but waves Jim over anyway.


Jim Black: Jackson, since your return at Devils Night, you’ve had two matches and lost both of them. What’s going on?


Jackson stops his pacing and looks at Jim: For starters, it’s been a year Jim. I told everyone at Devils Night that there was a good chance I’d lose some matches now that I’m back. A whole year, Jim. You know what I was doing for that whole year?


Jim shrugs.


JM: Not wrestling, I’ll tell you that. It was mostly vodka, whiskey, beer, tequila, more beer, more vodka, more whiskey and more beer.


Jim cocks his head to the side like he’s heard that before. He shakes it off and let’s Jackson continue.


JM: As far as tonight goes, Baby Huey out there just had ‘ol JackMo by the short and curlies. My mind is elsewhere Jim. You know where I’m at up here?


Jackson taps his temple.


JM: The stars baby.


Jackson’s arms reach outward, then up, fingers pointing.


JM: My mind has been to the reaches of space and it’s because of the resident Space Man, Joopiter. Something about this man, creature, alien that has gotten under my skin and into my brain! He’s done something to me Jim.


JB: Like physically? Do we need to file a police report? Did you eat something he gave you? Drink something? Did he drug you?!


Jackson laughs a little bit, but then quickly gets a serious look on his face: Oh he drugged me daddio. He’s gotten deep into this thinking piece. I’m going to get Joopiter and take him back to where he came from.


JB: You think, maybe, that he might be from Jupiter?


JM: I don’t know Jim! I’m not a doctor! I am, however, the leader of the Space Force and we will do what is necessary to protect ourselves, protect the United States, and protect the world from this ‘person’. Plus, he set my shirt on FIRE JIM! That was the only one I had. Now I’ve got to get another one! Look, tonight means nothing to me, no offense to that dumpy Mr. Clean. I’ve got my eyes on a bigger prize and right now, I’m going to follow the north star to get it!


Jackson turns away from Jim Black and puts the ice pack back on his head. He then snatches up his bag and shoulder checks Jim on his way out of the locker room. As the door closes, Jim just shakes his head.


JB: What the hell is a space force?

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1x - OCW Turmoil Heavyweight Champion

** Mr. Sensation - "Jackson's a good egg."

** Pugh - "Jackson just earned himself the Parker Stevens memorial award for inappropriate jokes. The prize is... well... don't open your desk drawer ever again"

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