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Wetten Dass ..?

Ashley Moore

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To promote OCW in Europe Ashley Moore visits a four hour game and talk show that is very popular in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.


After the show ran for almost three hours it’s finally her turn to appear. She comes out to the stage and is immediately greeted by the host Thomas Gottschalk.


Gottschalk: Herzlich Willkommen, großartige Ashley Moore. Welcome, nice to meet you, Miss Moore.


Ashley Moore: It is my pleasure to be here.


The crowd applauds.


They walk down the stairs and go to the sofa where they take place in the middle with the previously introduced guests sitting right and left next to them to continue their conversation.


Gottschalk: Miss Moore or how can I call you?


Ashley Moore: Just call me Ashley.


Gottschalk: Great. So, you are a wrestler. I think our audience is not that familiar with this term. What does it mean?


Ashley Moore: As wrestlers we compete in a ring and fight each other. We not only aim to win those matches, but also to entertain the crowd watching it, either at home or in the arena.


Gottschalk: Interesting. What do you say to the accusations, that it is just fake?


Ashley Moore: If there is one thing i can assure you, then that it is not fake. I think you have a small highlights clip from OCW’s last Pay Per View, the 15th Anniversary Show. There you can clearly see that we take no prisoners.


Anniversary Highlights - Ashley Moore


The crowd applauds.


Gottschalk: That was very impressive. Was all the blood …


Ashley Moore: Yeah, it was all my blood from a cut on my forehead after a guileful attack, but it needs more to take me down.


The crowd applauds.


Gottschalk: And then you even won the Championship. What did that mean to you?


Ashley Moore: Well, since I signed with OCW it, it was my dream to be the OCW Women’s Champion, but it meant way more than that. By winning the title I took it away from Kasstianity.


The crowd applauds.


Gottschalk: Kassti-what?


Ashley Moore: They are a dangerous cult, founded by an OCW wrestler, that unfortunately spreads through the company. But together with other courageous members we are fighting them back.


Gottschalk: That sounds awful.


Ashley Moore: Yes, no one is safe from their attacks in and outside the ring. They try to brainwash the audience into their ideology, they abduct and blackmail, there are even rumours about torture.


Ashley Moore: They became so evil, one of their most important followers just left them, because she couldn’t take it even longer, even when they blackmailed ...


Gottschalk: Ashley, sorry, but I have to interrupt you. There is a caller in the line, saying that everything you just told about Kasstianity is false. And because we have literally no idea what it is, even after googling it, and to maintain neutrality we decided to let her speak.


Anonymous Caller: It’s funny how you try to paint Kasstianity as some kind of monster. All while trying to shove everything horrible you did under the rug.


Anonymous Caller: Kasstianity is helping those that are lost and need guidance. Making opportunities for those that never get a chance. While you let’s take a trip down memory lane...


Anonymous Caller: Getting Valkyrie fired and arrested, shit posting her on social media. Stealing her apartment. Taking part in the Abduction of her parents. Oh and let’s not forget how your own parents are in prison for shady business and you have done nothing to help them besides blow money on your own shellfish needs. I guess the apple doesn’t fall too far from the apple tree.


Anonymous caller: I hope you're ready, because at the Clash I’m gonna…I mean Empress is gonna kick your ass.


The Line hangs up.


Gottschalk: That was … interesting.


Ashley Moore: No, that was that bitch, Empress. And you just gave her free on-air time in front of millions of viewers to spread her lies.


Gottschalk: Let’s stay polite please... Well, ehm, now to our next point. The final bet this evening. And it is the outside bet.


Gottschalk: Rupert Ebner from Dürn in Lower Austria bets, that he can climb with his 15 tons heavy excavator up a 15 meters (49 feet) high tower in eight minutes. Ashley, do you think he can do it?


Ashley Moore: What, there is no way anyone can. I say no.


Gottschalk: Okay, then let the bet start.


[video=youtube;t5mn_upy-w8?start=76]Legendary excavator bet


The crowd applauds.

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