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Solomon Caine gives an interview from catering


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The camera begins at a roundtable, where Solomon Caine is sitting and enjoying a juicy cheeseburger from a full plate. In the background, other wrestlers file through the catering line by grabbing various items of food from heated aluminum trays. As Caine goes for another bite, Jim Black appears from off-screen.


Jim Black: Hey Mr. Caine, can I get a quick interview?


Caine raises a finger and finishes chewing his bite, then answers.


Solomon Caine: What does it look like, Jim?


Jim Black: I thought you'd enjoy some camera time, considering you haven't been around since Anny. What's going on with you man? You beat Austin Lee and then disappeared. What's up with that?


Solomon Caine: Conspiracy, Jim. Management doesn't want me on TV. But don't worry, I know a person... or a couple. I'll be back when the time is right.


Jim Black: The rumor is you asked for time off. What's up with that?


Solomon Caine: Where'd you hear that Jim? Management? Give me a break.


Black pauses and then leans into Caine's ear, whispering. A few words can be made out.


Jim Black: Cameraman... caught... talking... yourself... hell.


Caine yells out.


Solomon Caine: So you think I'm crazy, huh?! Is that what this whole damn thing is about?!


Caine looks ready to jump from his seat, but Black goes on the defensive with a hushed tone.


Jim Black: No, Caine. I don't think you're crazy. But you need to clear your name.


Solomon Caine: I don't NEED to do anything! This "interview" is over. Get out of my sight.


Jim Black: But...


Solomon Caine: NOW!


Black scurries away as Caine lets out a loud sigh and takes another bite of the cheeseburger. The camera fades to black.

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Solomon Caine, Harris Turner, and Roy Brown



1x CCW International Champion, as Solomon Caine

1x OCW Light Heavyweight Champion, as Solomon Caine

2nd Place, 2021 S-Cup Tournament, as Harris Turner




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