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Exercise Humility - Heather Angelo Post Match


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Previously at Clash


Heather Angelo is seen backstage unbuckling the straps that hold her glove and elbow pads together. She takes them off and throws them to the ground.


She comes to a door and knocks on it. The door opens and...


This can’t be! It really is her. The look on her face no one has ever seen. Not even me.


Heather walks into The OCW World Heavyweight Champion’s chest and rests her head there. H2O tries to resist but can no longer hold back his deep feelings for Heather.


He hugs her and a sense of calmness consumes her.


Heather: Mida I tried. I tried and tried and tried and I just couldn’t finish her the way I wanted to.


H2O: You did good out there today.


Heather: NO! No one remembers when you did good.


Heather: “When you’re good at something, you’ll tell everyone. When you’re great at something, they’ll tell you!”


The late great football hall of famer, Walter Payton line. She remembered!


Heather: I remember the time you were down and out after Wrestlution against Drago Cesar. Now I know how you feel.


Humility hits hard. Harder than being hit by a runaway freight train.


H2O: Look at me now, Heather. I’m The OCW World Heavyweight Champion. I stand before you as your champion and is at peace with everything that I have done wrong in the past.


H2O: That peace helps me defend this title. It helps me bring sophistication, humbleness and class back to it.


Heather: I’m trying to find peace, Harvey. Kasstianity makes it difficult to find it.


A sinister look comes over H2O. He hugs Heather tighter as he stares out towards an empty void.


H2O: They have been washed away before. It can happen again. But first you must find peace.


Heather: I have control of my demon...I don’t know why I’m still so angry. I mean…Valkyrie left Kasstianity...so I don’t understand why I still hate her so much.


I know exactly why you hate her. Do I continue to let her suffer or shall I make this right? Good Light show me the way.


H2O places both hands on Heather’s shoulders and pushes her away gently from his chest to look at her eyes. The pain and humility is making her makeup run down her face as she looks back at him.


H2O: Come home with me to Canada. It’s time you leave your demons in New York and start to build your peace.


Heather: With you? Again? Do you trust me?


H2O doesn’t say a word. Heather starts to whimper and walk out of his locker room.


H2O: Yes! I do. I wouldn’t be a good person if I let you continue down this path alone. I know what it was like. I have Dimsmore as my rock.


H2O: You have me as yours.


H2O grabs his bag and struggles to put it over his shoulder. Heather grabs it and put it on her shoulder.


Heather: You just had an Ironman Match. I’ll take this off your shoulders.


The two leave Milan together.

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