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Exercising Humility Part II Heather w/ H2O


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It’s bright and early in the morning once again. The OCW World Heavyweight Champion H2O escorts Heather Angelo to The Combat Center.


As they walk in Heather notices the lights are on inside already.


Heather: Why are the lights on at 4am Harvey? Who’s here?


The young man learned his first lesson rather quickly. Arriving early is on time, on time is late.


H2O opens the door and the young man, Elijah Sanders is doing some endurance exercises.


H2O: Very good Eli! Don’t mind us. Keep going.


Elijah nods his head and then puts back in his ear buds. He grabs a jump rope and continues to do his routine.


Heather: By all the sweat pouring off of him, it looks like he’s been here awhile.


H2O: What you see over there is someone who’s ready to make an impact on their professional career.


H2O: I’m training him as a personal favor for Dimsmore. What you see there is what I want to start seeing from you.


Heather chuckles.


Heather: Papi...you’re lucky I’m even up with you right now. My mind isn’t awake.


H2O places his hand on Heather’s shoulder. Heather looks at his hand and feels like she might have made a mistake calling him “Papi”.


H2O: I understand. My mind wasn’t awake for a long time. I’m sure as hell was glad you didn’t see me at my worst. I don’t want to see you get to where I was just a year ago.


Heather: I don’t know if I have what it takes anymore, Pa- I mean Harvey. Kasstianity is just too strong right now.


H2O: Kasstianity is a joke right now!


H2O’s voice echoes through the Combat Center. Elijah takes one earbud off and looks over towards Harvey and Heather and ask if they’re ok by giving them the “OK” gesture.


Harvey returns it by giving him a thumbs up. Elijah continues on with his exercise.


H2O: They’re just sheer entertainment for the Turmoil roster just like Ryu is for Riot. Alexander never even dared to show his face on Riot with that nonsense.


H2O: He tried until I entertained it remember?


Heather: Yes, but I’m not like you.


H2O: I’m going to say this one thing and you can take it however you want.


Heather frowns not knowing where Harvey is going with this.


H2O: “It’s impossible,” said Pride. “It’s risky,” said experience. “It’s pointless,” said reason.


H2O: “Give it a try,” said your heart.


Heather strokes her hair from her face and tries to hide her smile. But Harvey catches it and leans towards Heather.


Heather closes her eyes preparing for a kiss but he kisses her forehead.


She opens her eyes quickly and is surprised Harvey didn’t kiss her. Embarrassed by her assumption, Heather tries to turn her attention towards Elijah working out but…


H2O: Are you willing to give it a try?


Harvey interrupts her overwhelming feeling of embarrassment. She turns back and stares at him while reading the expression of compassion on her ex lovers face.


Suddenly the feeling of embarrassment subsides and she shakes her head up and down.


H2O: Then join us.


Harvey gets up and heads over to the weight station to start training. Heather heads over there with him to spot him.


Harvey sits down on the bench and gets ready to lift.


Heather: Do you trust me again Harvey?


Harvey still doesn’t answer her and lifts the weight over the bar and starts lifting. Heather continues to stand over him not knowing if this means yes or not answering means no.


But she counts for him anyways as all three train with each other.

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