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Empress Therapy Session #2


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We see the Same Doctor’s Office Door that we saw on the last Riot with the name Dr. Grabb inscribed on the door. We enter the room to see Empress slouched on the couch with a look of boredom on her face.


Dr. Grabb: On Empress last time we hit kinda of a rough patch. Can we Try this again? Let’s talk about some things you like.


Empress: Things I like...I would like to see Ashley Moore’s head punted across the room like a soccer ball. I would like for people like Zoe Cohle to be found in the East river. I would like to not have to be in the stupid room with a stupid guy that thinks he can break me. How’s that? Is that good enough?


Dr. Grabb does a hard swallow before writing something down on his notepad.


Dr. Grabb: Empress you know you are free to go anytime you like, but I can not clear you as mentally stable enough to compete for your employer if you do not undergo these sessions. You do know that right?


Empress mutters a few words under her breath before there is a knock at the door. Dr. Grabb gets up to go answer it. Empress glancing casually over toward the door trying to see who it is. Dr. Grabb whispers “ one minute” before closing the door.


Dr. Grabb: Empress, I invited someone over a long time friend of mine. She has helped me with tough cases and people with high stress before. Her methods are unique and she has her own brand of dealing with sensitive cases such as yours..


Empress: SENSI--.. Pft. Yeah, sure whatever gets this day over with so I can go home.


Dr. Grabb opens the door and in walks Terra Daturas. She nods to the doctor for letting her in but immediately gasps upon seeing who she was brought in to help... Empress jumps up from the couch and grabs some metal stupid looking desk decoration.


Empress: You have gotta be kidding me! I’ll bash her fucking brains in if she takes another step into this room.


Dr. Grabb: Woah Woah...Let’s all calm down now. This is an Office and there will not be fighting here. Ms. Daturas is my guest and you agreed to have her help.


Empress: I didn’t know it would be HER!


Terra: Ms. Tanaka, I am happily surprised to see you here. Can I please ask you to put that down? I know we have been opponents inside the ring before, but I am only here to help.


Empress peers back and forth and winces as she tosses down the foreign object.


Terra: Surely you can put your disdain for me aside for the betterment of your mental health. I know you are… outwardly malevolent… but inside you love to compete. You must want to get back inside the ring sooner than later, right?


Empress: This changes nothing between us and If any word of what happens in here leaves this Office I will personally burn down everything you hold dear.


Terra smiles back at Empress and squeezes her hands together in joy.


Terra: I would not expect any less.


Dr. Grabb: We will always honor Patient/Dr. Confidentiality, Ms. Tanaka. Can I call you Ms.Tanaka?


Empress: Whatever.


Terra: Well, first things first… You know what we have to do.


Empress’ eyes widen in sheer horror, as she turns to see Terra smirking at her with her arms extended open towards Empress.


The camera backs out of the doctor's office as the door closes and Empress screams of horror can be heard from behind the door.

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