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Pack Your Bags

Jacob Trance

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Aerith: I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Bingo, I'm so sorry! Punishment is deserved! Punish me!


B17: Calm down. It's 2020. I'm not looking too Reignite the me too movement.


Aerith: But I let you down. I let you down.


B17: Shh. Shh. Shh.


B17 takes her hand in his.


B17: Yes you did.


Aerith wails even louder, attempting to claw at her face. Bingo clasps her hands, gently moving them away, parting them and framing her face in the pairs mitts.


B17: But you weren't ready. You were more lost than I thought. We need to find you.


Aerith: Anything! Anything!


B17: You shall be ready…


His voice lowered, and Aerith blinked away at her tears.


Aerith: Yes, I shall, ready, steady, go. Go, Flogo, Flojo… Stupid woman, stupid bitch.


B17: Yes…but let's worry about what you need. What do you need? What will free you?


Aerith: Free… Me… Who knows?


Aerith rubs tentatively at her ring finger, it is barren.


Aerith: I am already free. Out of the tree.


B17 looks down and smiles at the missing ring.


B17: Perhaps...closure is needed? Tell me where does The Owl God reside?


Aerith struggles visibly with this question, before babbling again.


Aerith: No key, Lowki. Florida Key?


B17: Lowki? The great rival to The Owl God...perhaps there is a solution…for complete closure. If Trance was to believe that Loki lived, it would draw him out of hiding…


Aerith shrugs, looking at the ceiling as B-17 releases her hands. Absentmindedly, she draws on his leg with a finger.


Aerith: I do not think so.


B17: Yeaaaaaaahhhh. I don't think anyone wants that anyways. So. Square one.


B17: Pack your bags, you're going to The Florida Keys for some closure. I got a guy that can help with that.

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