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El Parca & Aisu Training Session #2

El Parca

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The cameras pan up as we see Aisu & El Parca inside of a Combat Center practice ring. Both men, are doing the normal warmup procedures. Parca is running the ropes, and Aisu is stretching out in the corner as finally Aisu goes to the center of the ring.


Aisu: Can we start now? Are you warm enough? What are you looking for?


Parca: Yea I’m all warmed up. So what should with start with first for the submission game?


Aisu: Huh, Submission game you say? Thats not a game dummy. Show me what you got then.


Parca: Well.. I don’t really have much to show that’s why I came to you boss.


Aisu is starting to look pissed.


Aisu: I am not going to start from scratch, you better learn very quickly. I have no time to waste. I have a match on Turmoil against the guys who DEFEATED YOU. Shame on you.


Parca: Okay.. cool he beat me when I wasn’t 100% does he deserve a cookie? I’m not asking you to start from scratch I’m just asking for your help not for you to be a dick about it.


Aisu: This mate right here, is sacred. You don't come out there not 100%, you got to respect the mat!


Aisu: Let me show you how it's done kiddo. First let's try to work a standing crossarmbar on this dummy. Then I'll show you how I'll defeat Jett Draven.


The cameras pull back and fade to black as Aisu and Parca continue training and exchanging submission holds on the dummy in the middle of the ring.

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