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Exercising Humility Part III Heather w/ H2O


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Heather: No workout today, Harvey?


H2O: No not today. Sometimes you just need to sit back and take a mental health day off.


Heather: Mmhmm….


Heather and H2O are sitting in the den of The OCW World Heavyweight Champions' comfy new home in Calgary.


The firewood is cracking as Heather sits on the end of the sofa with her legs folded underneath her eating ice cream. Harvey is on the sofa as well with his legs stretched out.


After an Iron Man match with Bobby Minio and Tre Goldens suplexes he needs some healing to do as you can see The Head Superstar has a heating pad placed over his ribs.


H2O: I know what you’re thinking. It hasn’t been a good week for Elijah Sanders and I need to keep pushing him right?


Heather: Nope. I wasn’t thinking that at all. I was thinking you’ve lost a bit of focus on yourself inside and outside of the ring.


H2O: How so? I wasn’t the one that got pinned last week. Tre took advantage of the smallest guy in the ring and had to spear him TWICE to get the win.


H2O: That dude is soft.


Heather: There it is like it never left. Mida, your ego is holding you down just like you say my aggression is holding me down.


Heather puts down her ice cream on the coffee table. She sits back on the couch and puts her cold hands on Harvey’s feet. He tries to pull his feet away but Heather locks her grip around them.


He can’t pull them away but she has his full attention away from the tv.


H2O: Yo Heather what’s your problem!


Heather: Pay attention! I know you hear me!


Harvey picks up the remote to the tv and pauses their show. He sits up and doesn’t say a word but listens to what she has to say.


Heather: Word on the street is that you dropped in the power rankings.


H2O: Yeah. And?


Heather: Yeah? And?


Heather takes both of her hands and pulls her hair back. She inhales deeply and then exhales.


Heather: Now I understand why people have a hard time supporting you. When things go south you lose your mind Harvey.


Heather: What you did to Doc Green was wrong and you know it.


H2O looks towards Heather with uncertainty.


Heather: Did Doc Green deserve retaliation? Maybe. But not from The OCW World Heavyweight Champion. YOU are the champion! You don’t have to prove anything to anyone. Except for one thing.


H2O: Yeah? What’s that?


Heather: Show that you’re consistent inside and outside of the ring. Show them the same consistency that you show me.


Harvey smiles at the revelation of Heather noticing his love for her never changed.


Heather: I know you can do it. Otherwise this…”Good Light” is all a façade.


H2O: It’s not though.


Heather: I know it isn’t. I didn’t know I had some good in me but you found it. Now you need to go out there and prove to the world there’s some good in you.


H2O sits there and stares out into space as he thinks about what she discussed with him.


Heather gets up from the couch and gives him a huge.


Heather: I’m going to bed but when we go to New York you have to make this right.


Heather walks away to Harvey’s bedroom. He watches her hips rock from the left to right like a steady drum beat.


H2O: Those booty shorts is messing up my train of thought!


Heather: Put your ego to bed babe. Goodnight!


Without even turning around, Heather walks away into Harvey’s bedroom and closes the door behind her.


Harvey grabs the ice cream Heather left behind on the coffee table.


H2O: Let me eat your ice cream!


Heather shouts from the bedroom.


Heather: WHATEVER!

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