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An unpleasant meeting

Ashley Moore

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We see Ashley Moore walking down the street, empty factory halls on both sides. She is constantly checking her phone and clearly looking for something in this area.


Ashley Moore: It clearly says the promo interview shall take place here, but there is nothing.


Then suddenly a man comes out of one of the halls and directly approaches her.


Man: You have to be Ashley Moore, I was awaiting you. Please follow.


Ashley Moore: Are you doing the interview?


But instead of answering he just walks back into the hall he came from, she follows him. the hall is empty except one room directly in the middle of it. It has no windows and just one closed door.


The man goes to the door and indicates Ashley to go inside there. After entering the room, he quickly shuts and then locks up the door. After hammering against the door and asking what is happening she turns around and sees her rival Flojo sitting on a bench on the other side of the room.


Flojo: You fell for it, too?


Ashley Moore: What the frick are you doing here?


Flojo: He offered me a copy of the Final Fantasy seven remake, what made you come in here?


Ashley Moore: I just wanted to give an interview for … (she looks at her phone) … MuckAboutOnline. Well, I should have seen it coming.


Flojo: Tch. Yeah, you should have...


Ashley Moore: Shut up! And to be clear, if you try any tricks, this won’t end well for you.


After finishing her sentence the screen in the corner turns on and the man appears on it.


Man: I want to play a game with you.


Both stare at each other not knowing what is about to happen when he continues to talk after a few moments of silence.


Man: I’m just kidding. I bet you want to know why the two of you are in here. Well, say thank you to Dr. Grabb. It was his idea.


FloJo: Dr. Grabb-ass?


Man: He said you two need something extreme to resolve your problems, so he ordered me to put you into this room and if you want to get out of it you have to work together.


Then the screen turns off and two columns come out of the floor on different sides of the room. Both have a hole in the shape of a square with blocks in different shapes around it and a note on top of it. Making it look like you have to form a square out of the blocks and put it into the hole.


As soon as both Flojo and Ashley went to one column each a wall made of plexiglass with a few small holes came out of the floor, separating the two.


FloJo: Good luck, I bet you need it.


Ashley Moore: Just shut up for once and solve your part, so I can get away from you.


After around half an hour, when Flojo already gave up a few minutes earlier, Ashley turns to Flojo.


Ashley Moore: I think we have to work together.


Flojo: …okay?


Ashley Moore: We both want to get out of here and he clearly said we have to work together, so let’s do that right now, it kinda worked last time in the ring, so why shouldn’t it work now?


Flojo: Fine, alright, you win.


Ashley Moore: I saw you also have a note. Mine just says, the pieces key. How does this make sense?


Flojo: I’m having a hard time with this. Mine just says, exchange is the.


Ashley Moore: Maybe if we read them together.


FloJo shakes her head: Man, I’m so not good at this crap.


Ashley Moore (mumbling to herself): the pieces exchange key is the.


FloJo: Let’s go, bitch. The sooner we finish this riddle, the better.


Ashley Moore: I got it: Exchange the pieces is the key.


FloJo: Ok, cool.


Ashley Moore: So, I guess we have to form two cubes with our pieces, but they are mixed on both sides. I should easily solve it if you give me your parts.


FloJo: Better yet, give me the stuff. As if you can finish it.


Ashley Moore: You are just saying that, because I can’t reach you at the moment.


With all the pieces on her side, Flojo quickly assembles the two cubes. Then she gives all the parts for one of them over to Ashley and waits till she finished it again on her side.


After placing both of them on the podests, both of them and the wall go back into the floor and the door opens.


Ashley Moore: Finally free! Now I hope I won’t see you again till I kick your ass on Road to Glory.


In front of it the man you lured them in is seen sleeping on a chair. He wakes up as the two leave the room.


Man: So … You finally finished it …


He reads from a note.


Man: As you can see, only when you work together you can achieve your goals.


As the two leave the scene FloJo pushes him so that he falls over with his chair.


FloJo: If you bait me again with FF7, at least have a copy of it.

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I was expecting some weird "Saw" movie trap with razer blades and stuff to cut both these bitches up but, whatever. A girl can only wish I guess. Maybe next time they both will get stuck in there forever.


Don't you just miss the good ole days?

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