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Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM feat: Lotus FloJo

Lotus FloJo

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Sound byte: Wake that ass up.


Sound byte: Early in da morning.


sound byte: Breakfast club.


DJ Envy: Morning everybody this D.J. Envy and Charlamagne Tha God. we have a special guest da building!


DJ Envy: OCW's resident shitposter; Lotus FloJooo


FloJo adjusts her headset: Hi, what's up?


Charlamagne: FloJo out here with her hair up, looking fly as usual.


FloJo: Yeah man, had to bring back the classic look, y'know?


Charlamagne: And a new attitude was well. What's up with that?


FloJo: People on social media were giving me a hard time. From basically being outdone by others, So I had to change.


FloJo: Even had to get my music changed. What do ya know, it fits.


Charlamagne nods his head


Envy: A week from today, you'll be challenging for the OCW women's championship at Road 2 Glory.


FloJo: That's right. First time this season...


Charlamagne: Now tell us, what is your mindset going into the match?


FloJo: Mindset? Gee, I don't know, I gotta beat her. If I don't, I don't know what I'm gonna do.


Envy: Interesting.


FloJo nods.


Envy: Okay. Lemme ask you this, what are you looking to accomplish in OCW? I know you wanna win the championship, so what else?


FloJo: I'm just looking for my own defining moment. Been there for three years and nothing yet.


FloJo: I've been kicking most asses this year, made it to the QoOCW (Queen of OCW tournament)even but no matter what, I always come up short.


Charlamagne: Now you have a size-able fanbase not as big as Valkyrie, Empress and even the current champ; Ashley Moore. In spite of you kinda pushing them away; they still root for you.


FloJo gives a shrug not sure how to answer. Yeah, weird huh.


FloJo gives an awkward laugh


Envy: You're quite the dark horse of the women's division.


FloJo: Um. I guess. I'm just trying to redeem myself. I've fallen hard last year. Wouldn't want that to happen again.


Envy: All right FloJo, we gotta wrap this up.


FloJo: Alrighty then, boys


Charlamagne: Good luck fighting against Moore...Watch them kicks


Envy: Yeeeaah, she legs for days!


Envy: Yo don't touch that dial, We'll be right back!


The interview ends with another soundbyte and a commercial break.

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