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The Day After. [Post Turmoil 247 Pre Riot 553]

El Parca

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The scene opens where we see an alarm clock. The clock has the time 1:35 PM. As the view pans back and we can see more of the room we see a sleeping body on a bed in the corner of the room. Pizza boxes, assorted cans of beer & seltzers, and Big Mama's Country Grill takeout boxes are scattered around.


As the person sleeping on the bed sits up we can see a mask half off and half on the head. The person having their back to the camera cannot be seen as a big groan is let out.


The person fixes the mask and turns around looking at the boxes, booze, and takeout boxes. As we can finally see the figure it is clearly El Parca.


El Parca glances over to the alarm clock and immediately jumps up.


El Parca: Oh shit, oh shit, oh my god I can't believe what time it is! This is why I told Reese we couldn't party too much but nooooo, it's "Cinco de Fryo er I mean Mayo!"


El Parca frantically jumps up tossing boxes, cans, and random things rummaging for something. Finally, we can see an iPhone get plucked out of a small pile of clothes near his alarm clock.




As Parca starts reading the texts his teacher was showing a different side.


Aisu: Answer.

Aisu: Training today right?

Aisu: You're late..

Aisu: Don't let the CQC loss beat you down too much. I told you they'd be difficult.

Aisu: I am going to assume you're sleeping.. I'll be over soon if I don't hear from you in a couple hours.


Parca slides the iMessage texts to the right seeing when Aisu sent the texts.


Parca sees the time he sent them were at 11:25 AM.


El Parca sees it is over the two hour point as he jumps up yet again trying to find his training bag.


El Parca: No, no, no!! WHERE DID I PUT IT?! The luchador starts throwing everything insight trying to find his bag. Oh my god, he's going to kill me how am I going to explain this?


Finally, El Parca stops rushing around as he realizes his afternoons fate is sealed. Aisu is bound to be on the way and the luchador is going to need to explain himself.


Suddenly a knock on the door..


El Parca stares at the door like a child who is fearful that he didn't take the chicken out to dethaw soon enough.. then, another knock passes and he realizes he must get up from the bed.


As El Parca opens the door, there stands his trainer and somewhat friend Aisu.. Aisu, surprisingly does not have his normal angry scowl on but instead looks relieved that his luchador student is ok.


El Parca opens the door up wider as he motions for Aisu to come in.


El Parca: Sorry about the mess, and uh.. sorry about missing training too. But, y'know it was kinda Cinco de Mayo and Reese insisted we have a good time to get over the tough CQC loss.. so.. my bad.


Aisu is looking all over the apartment as if a mother who is visiting her son for the first time.


Aisu: You uh.. need to clean. How can you expect to pick yourself up from the loss with a mess like this?


El Parca looks absolutely stunned as he sits down on a chair.


Parca: Umm.. well gotta say, did not expect that, that is for sure..


Aisu continues walking around the apartment, as Parca stands up again and starts picking up the trash he and Reese made last night.


The two begin talking as Aisu starts helping Parca pick up the trash. As they continue cleaning up they start laughing with one another as the scene starts to fade to black..

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