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OCWFed.com Exclusive - Unseen Incident Following Riot 553


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The camera opens to a shot of Joshua Tucker holding and petting a black and orange tabby cat in the locker room. Multiple wrestlers approach and ask questions about the cat, resulting in many brief conversations.


Joshua Tucker: It’s a girl. Her name is Cincy and she is named after my favorite American football team. No, I don’t mind cleaning the litter box. I wanted a tiger but the pet shop was fresh out.


After a while, Tucker places Cincy down on the floor and heads off-screen. She walks around for a brief moment and then lays down. Suddenly, a shadowy figure swoops into view and gently picks her up. As the figure departs, he leaves a note on Tucker’s chair. Not a second later, Tucker returns and looks around frantically after noticing the disappearance of his cat. He eventually notices the note and snatches it off the chair.


Joshua Tucker: “Whatever it takes?” Who the he….


He looks up quickly with a look of realization.


Joshua Tucker: CAINE!


Tucker runs out of the locker room as the camera follows. He frantically runs through the hallways of the backstage area, looking quickly back-and-forth. This occurs for a minute, then Tucker stops a stagehand and grabs him by the lapels.


Joshua Tucker: YOU! I don’t remember your name right now, but have you seen Solomon Caine RECENTLY!?!


The stagehand is visibly startled by Tucker’s tone.


Stagehand: H… he we.. went to the garage!


Tucker storms off towards the garage, with a strong look of anger on his face. As he reaches the garage, he looks off in the distance to see Solomon Caine leaning on a jet black Lincoln, holding Cincy and talking to a man dressed in a suit.


Joshua Tucker: CAINE! You son of a bitch!


He yells before taking off running towards the two men.


Caine delivers a teep kick to push the man out of the way and quickly enters the Lincoln. He is able to start the vehicle just as Tucker reaches the left-back door handle and pulls with all of his might. The car speeds off and Tucker immediately falls to the concrete. Just at the car reaches the garage door, Caine leans out of the window and screams…


Solomon Caine: You’ll learn kid!


The car speeds out of the garage as Tucker watches on from his stomach. He gets up to his knees and slams both fists on the ground twice at the same time. The camera fades to black.

Solomon Caine, Harris Turner, and Roy Brown



1x CCW International Champion, as Solomon Caine

1x OCW Light Heavyweight Champion, as Solomon Caine

2nd Place, 2021 S-Cup Tournament, as Harris Turner




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