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Hi, June. How is Travis?


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A shaky camera shows a pitch black sky with a street light hanging just out of frame momentarily before a frenzied motion leads to the non painted face of B17.

B17: Hi there, Travis. You’ve disappointed me.


The camera continues to shake as the scrape of dragging shoes over concrete is all that is heard for a moment.

B17: I told you, don’t ignore me. But since you didn’t listen, I want to persuade you a bit more.


Camera turns sharply.

B17: House looks familiar?


A white three story house squished between two others is illuminated by the soft glow of the streetlights.

B17: Are your parents home? I hope so.


B17 rushes up the stairs.


A light flickers in the upstairs window. B17 glares at the camera: Oh don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt them. But I think they deserve the truth. Don’t you?


June Trance: Hello?


B17: Mrs. Trance, how are you?


June: On, Jacob! It’s so nice to see you! Come in, come in. I haven’t seen you in years!


B17: Oh! Do you mind?


B17 held up the camera.

B17: I figured we could send it to Travis, I hear he has been a bit down lately.


June: What do you mean, honey? Is my son ok? JOHN! Something happened to Travis!



John: What happened.


It was surprising how quickly John Trance could still move at his age.

B17 with hands raised calms them both down: No no no. He’s fine. Nothing life threatening. But...could we talk?


June: Of course, of course! Come in.


B17 moves in, camera up. “For Travis,” he explained to a bewildered John. They take a seat at the kitchen table.


June: So you wanted to make a video for our son, that is so nice.


B17 smirks: Yeah, and first question for you, John: How do you think Travis would react if I punched you in the face?






The smiles that had filled their face flicker in bewilderment.

June: Excuse me?


B17 turns the camera on her: Well I mean he doesn’t really care about either one of you does he? Doesn’t call, doesn’t include you in his life. Hell he completely cut you guys out of just about every major event of his life…


John: He’s busy, son what the hell are you doing?


B17: Too busy to tell you about the divorce?


June: Divorce! What divorce?


B17: Aren’t you Catholic? I’m pretty sure that’s gotta be a black spot. I mean, if it makes you feel better they were both terribly miserable these last few years.


John smashes his fist down on the table: Turn that damn camera off! Why are you here?


B17 rises from the chair: I’m not here to fight, John. I just wanted to let you know.


B17 begins to back away from an advancing John. June remains in her chair crying.


B17: I just wanted to let you know that Melissa took everything...the house, the dog, the investments. I promise she is much happier. But Travis on the other hand...well. He’s got a gym in Florida if that makes you feel better?

June tearfully: Get out! Get out!


B17: June! I didn’t want to do this, but I honestly doubt he can afford to even fly out and see you now. Last I heard he was renting a room as some shit motel. I came to tell you he is a pathetic mess!


John: You son of a bitch.


John tries to shove B17 out of the door but Bingo grabs his arm and pulls him close.

B17: I want you to know...I’m going to put him out of his misery. Tell him when you call. If he answers that is, tell him that I never forgot about the embarrassment he put me through my rookie year, tell him I will never forget him stealing Austin Lee from me, tell him I never forgive him taking Wrex under his wing instead of me. Tell him we need to talk

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