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OCWFed.com Exclusive - Blacksmith's Unknown Challenger to Possibly Appear at Riot 556


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7/3/2020 @ 4:50PM EST


Following his initial statement on Riot 555, Solomon Caine has given word to the writers of OCWFed.com that his handpicked challenger for The Last Blacksmith may appear on Riot 556. The challenger was initially slated to appear on Turmoil 250, but did not appear during the show or Blacksmith's appearance. OCWFed.com writer John Farcone contacted Solomon Caine following the show to hear his thoughts:




John Farcone: Your challenger for The Last Blacksmith didn't appear on tonight's show, do you have any thoughts about this?


Solomon Caine: Everything doesn't always go according to plan, John. My challenger wasn't ready tonight, and I wasn't about to send him out without him being 100%.


John Farcone: So if not tonight, when will he be ready?


Solomon Caine: I can't speak about that with absolutely certainty. Anything could happen. But right now he's ready for Riot 556, that is, if Blacksmith is man enough to face him.


John Farcone: And what's to say that you're not toying with Blacksmith? Is there actually a challenger? Will he actually be at Riot 556?


Solomon Caine: Are you calling me a liar, John?


John Farcone: I'm just asking what everyone wants to know, Caine.


Solomon Caine: So you're calling me a liar then. This interview is over, get off my line.



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