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Another mandated Press Conference Post Match - MISTER Marcus vs La Pesadilla Ep. 4


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The sound of clicking can be heard from the cameras getting shots of MISTER Marcus coming out from backstage to do his post match interview.


We don’t know if it was intentional but he exhales loudly into the mic as he sits down. The reporters chuckle a bit.


MISTER Marcus points to a random reporter to get the mandated press conference underway.


Reporter 1: Mar..excuse me. MISTER Marcus, you Main Evented in your second match in OCW’s New U. How did it feel?


Marcus: It was business as usual. Nothing different. Next question.


Reporter 2: La Pesadilla is a very good opponent. You made this match look easy. Was it because you’re that good or did La Pesadilla just had an off day?


Marcus: I don’t boast about myself. I just let the Fundamentals do the talking and go home. Last one please.


You hear, “Oh oh oh” from various reporters. They all sound like little kids trying to get his attention. He picks another rando to question him.


Reporter 3: You face Jeremiah Tully next week. He’s a person that is slightly bigger and perhaps stronger than you. Are your Fundamentals going to hold up against him?


Marcus strokes his goatee and smirks.


Marcus: This will be like an Alabama vs. Georgia rivalry. He is from Alabama, correct?


Reporter 3: Correct. But Alabama leads the all time series in football. Are you saying you’re going to lose?


Marcus: I’m saying we’re going to make history in OCW New U.


MISTER Marcus McMichaels stands up with a continuing smirk on his face and leaves his mandated press conference as the scene fades.

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