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Impromptu Interview with H2O


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Scene opens up rather quickly to see Jim Black in the motion of sitting down in front of his computer getting dressed as fast as he can for what appears to be an interview of sorts.


He attempts to get his tie on but struggles and decides to toss it away. As he leans into the camera on his computer as you can see he has something juicy to say.


Jim: Pardon me for the impromptu exclusive interview. I just received a call from the OCW World Heavyweight Champion H2O. He said he wanted to discuss something to his Ocean of Paradise, meaning you the fans.


Jim Black was interrupted by his cellphone which is ringing Harvey’s theme song “Warrior”. Jim’s eyes widen as he answers it quickly.


Jim: Yes...Harvey...we’re...ready.


As Jim finishes texting Harvey. You can see a split screen shot of Jim and Harvey.


Jim: Hey champ! We are live right now. You said you want…


H2O: Sorry Jim. I don’t mean to cut you off but the type of mood I’m in right now displaces the usual mellowed out laid back Harvey.


Jim: Sorry Harvey. Please go ahead. The floor is yours.


H2O: I just received a call from Anthony Baker that Heather is missing.


Dramatic pause between the two.


H2O: Baker went back to the Nevada hospital to pick her up for me and the nurses told me that she left a few days ago.


Harvey rubs over the scars on his face and back of the head. He flinches at the pain.


H2O: The nurses told Baker after Tre Golden came there and harassed her she became unusually anxious.


H2O: She wanted to watch Consequence but the hospital doesn’t get PPV’s. The nurses tried to talk her out of watching for the sake of her anxiety but we all know Heather; you can’t tell her she CAN’T do something.


H2O: Baker went on to say that the nurses told him what really set her off was the announcement Valkyrie made that she was pregnant. She kept screaming “That f(beep)ng b(beep)ch!”


Jim: Oh man Harvey.


H2O: Yeah. God knows what’s going on in her head now.


H2O: Nonetheless, she fought through tht and continued to watch it from her phone. Heather watched me get beaten by the very man that built up her anxiety and didn’t even get to see the end of that match from what I heard!


H2O starts to tear up.


H2O: She ended up having complications and lost the baby.


Jim: Oh my word Harvey. I’m...I’m sorry.


H2O: Now she is missing and I don’t know where she is now. BUT I do have an idea where she is going?


Jim: Where Harvey? Tell us.


The OCW World Heavyweight Champion gathers himself and wipes his tears away.


H2O: Baker was told by the nurses that she’s going back to the ring.


Jim Black smiles and stops almost immediately after seeing Harvey’s hurt in his eyes.


H2O: I can’t dwell on this too much right now. I need to heal, I have B17 coming up next and deal with Rust Cohle right now. This is beginning to be too much.


Jim: Well champ if we have to conclude this interview right now for the sake of your mental health we can.


H2O: Thanks Jim. I appreciate it. I just felt I needed to tell everyone this right now. If anyone sees Heather please contact anyone in OCW and let them know.


H2O: I think Heather’s mental state is unhinged again.


Jim: Oh boy. Well that concludes this impromptu interview. We need to respect The OCW World Heavyweight Champion and give him the space that he needs.


Jim: Thank you Harvey.


Harvey just shakes his head up and down in acknowledgement as the live feed cuts off.

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