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Roadhouse Investment

Jacob Trance

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A dim lighting covers the scene, a slim african american man stands in the ominous shade.


Man: Have a seat…


A figure enters and sits across the room from the man and stares up at him.


Man: Let me tell you a story…


Man: All about how my life got flipped, turned upside down.


The figure tries to stand but the slim man in the shade puts his hand out, as if to tell him to stop.


Man:: Wait… I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there.


The camera zooms in close to the man’s face. Smoke begins to cover the room, it’s Loki. He’s unfortunately alive and as stupid as ever.


Man: And tell you how I became the prince of a town called Bel Air…


Parker: And why should we listen to your story? What is the importance of this?


Man: Good point!


The man stands up and leaves, turning the light on as he goes. We find out we are in fact in the Roadhouse bar, in the background Archer can be seen cleaning a table. He sighs and checks his watch.


Archer: Almost finishing time…


Longingly, he looks to the door and then to the cloakroom, Parker’s Future Investment briefcase clearly visible, but guarded by the Hattons. Parker looks towards Archer with a slightly dejected look on his face.


Parker: Closing time already? Must’ve lost track of time… Thought the night still had youth to it. What

do I owe ya?


Archer shrugs.


Archer: On the house. Place becomes a nightclub at the end of my shift. All the alcohol gets watered down and Blaine makes a huge markup. Impressive, really. She cuts a lot of corners, those peanuts on your table have been there since the place opened.


Parker: Well how about this, between you and me. $100 tip. Just a little thank you. Keep up the good work, Archer.


With that being said, Parker slides Archer the blue bill, and takes his belongings with him out of the door. Archer pockets the money, and then uses a black platinum credit card to scan out Parker’s bill before he goes back to closing up.

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