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B17 responds to Summercide Night 2


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Designated watcher: Ok. So Rust won. He hit that swinging neckbreaker thing.


B17: Are you kidding me! That's freaking crazy!


B17 stood up and faced the wall. His eye covers blinded him and his sense of direction had been thrown off. So while he motioned to the tv that was in completely the opposite direction his translator gently pushed his shoulders to face the right direction.


Translator: Um...now he's attacking Harvey.


B17: Not surprising! Rust attacks everything with a penis!


Translator: Um...now some....oh it's Tony in the ring!


B17: Get em, Tony! What's happening now?


The Translator was no longer voicing what was happening on screen. Instead he was engaged in the moment.


B17: What's happening! I'm paying you describe the action! Where is the remote?


B17 tried to turn and feel his way to the shelf but tripped and fell down the stairs!


B17: Ahhhhhhhh. My fucking bum! What's happening!


Translator: It's Nate Ortiz! It's Nate Ortiz! It's Dark Rev Inc!


B17 tried to run up the stairs but ran face first into the wall.

Translator: Holy fuck! Oh my God.


B17: Call Invictus! We must respond appropriately! Destroy the Jacob Trance retirement speech! Get Lee's treadmill out of storage! Tell Aries I'm sorry for banging his sister! Call them all! Tell Archer to get his fat ass over here with the wig!

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