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Unfamiliar Visit From A Familiar ???


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Previously Recorded


Sounds of rain drops and crowd muttering punctures the silence on the X-Tron. Sensation’s incentives towards the longest reigning OCW Champion has allowed him to build a luxurious mansion from the ground up.


A large media crowd fills Harvey’s courtyard as they await for him to come out and speak with them.


After a few failed attempts of knocking on his door and shouting his name, a limo pulls into the driveway. The media mob rushed to the limo to try to get to be the first to get an exclusive with Harvey Ocean.


The driver steps out first and circles the limo to the back door. He opens up a huge umbrella and before he could fully step out someone shouts out a question immediately.


Reporter 1: How does it feel to have your streak broken by The Frenchblade Rust Cohle?


???: It wasn’t that flaming croissant that broke my streak. It was Harvey Ocean.


The driver lifts up the umbrella a little higher to reveal The Former OCW World Heavyweight Champion Kassidy Hayes.


He has arrived at Harvey’s doorsteps. Everyone is stunned.


Kassidy: I know how Harvey is likely feeling right now and it’s not great but laying around at home like a lump isn’t what I did and it isn’t what I expect from Harvey so if you excuse me, I have to talk some sense into this man.


Reporter 1: Wait, Mr. Hayes. We don’t think he’s home. But you are here to talk sense into a man that you’ve rivaled with for ages? 2020 is really full of surprises!


Reporter 2: First you come out to help The Last Blacksmith. A man that has called you out numerous times AND attacked Valkyrie. Now H2O. What is the meaning of all of this?


Kassidy: Tune into Riot,


Kass chuckles and then waves his hands outwards toward the media,


Kassidy: Now begone from here.


As the crowd dispersed Kassidy Hayes turns to look at Harvey’s mansion just wondering he might be.


As our camera zooms back in between the tall hedges, two fingers spread the branches open wide. Just wide enough to see Hayes in a clear vantage point from the mysterious person.


The two fingers leave the frame and block the view of Kassidy Hayes.

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