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RIOT 559: Tre Golden // Archer

Jacob Trance

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The scene opens to Tre Golden standing in the ring. Tre Golden takes in the atmosphere from the sold out crowd in Madison Square Garden. He paces a bit before walking over to the ropes and retrieving a mic.


Golden: First I want to hear how ya’ll , like the beating I put down on baby boy Danny Watts?

Sent his ass to the burn unit.


The crowd cheers a bit. Tre gives big smile, obviously pleased with himself


Golden: Same beatdown Rust Chole would've received if his son didn’t run in to save him.


Golden: the so-called king of summer is Tre Golden’s bitch. Always has been, always will be.


Tre walks around the ring as he speaks, oozing with arrogance


Golden: Because lets face it, the only reason Rust Chole is Champion, is that h2shook is too damn stupid to take time off after the beating I gave him.


The crowd boos at the insult thrown at the former World Champion


Golden: I told him and his woman that their life would be changed after our match, now he is broken and at home…. A shell of his former self. Honestly he should just retire.


Golden: focus on making another baby with heather


Golden: And figuring out the child support payments for Valkyrie.


Tre laughs as the arena showers him with their boos.


Golden: boo all you want, she’s gone, she left you.


Golden: Now.. let's get down to the nitty gritty and explain why i’m out here. Ever since I dropped the pride Championship, it's been passed around like a cheap ho. No one has been able to hold onto it for long.


Golden: I see man after man cough it up, disrespecting what i worked so hard to elevate, they are spitting on my pride.


Golden: look at the current Champion. Thomas Archer. Doughy, pale…..


Golden: like the motherfucker is allergic to the sun.


Golden: he’s not fit to be the pride Champion, so i'm going to take it back…


As Tre Golden tails off the sound of someone slow clapping begins to boom through the arena sound system and the titantron turns on, basking the audience in the gaze of the Pride Champion Thomas Archer. He continues to clap, speeding up to sarcastic levels before slowing right back down clapping once every five seconds. Inevitably, he stops to speak.


Archer: Absolute riveting, quite possibly the greatest Tre Golden speech ever given in terms of both quantity and quality… You want to walk out here and act like the universe owes you something. Like you’re the salt of the earth and have worked your hands tirelessly to the bone… Well…


Archer adjusts his Pride Championship on his shoulder.


Archer: I unfortunately need to correct you, because apparently you’re active and uninformed… So allow me to educate you. The man that I beat at Summercide in order to bestow myself, once more, with the Pride Championship… His name was Aisu, he worked at the Combat Centre alongside me in the lead up to our match… He actually performed an open challenge for this title and he won quite a good number of times… So what I’m saying Tre, is that it wasn’t passed around like you and Cobra swapping your “Wrestling For Dummies” manual around in the hope of accomplishing something… It was proudly, see what I did there guys?


Archer pauses for a few moments to take in the crowd reaction.


Archer: Defended. And defended. And defended and defended. Now, try to keep up, but can you guess what I am going to do with it? Defend it. Defend it. Defend it. Defend it. This championship title and I are going to find ourselves sipping mimosas on a yacht in Monaco come the off season. This championship title and I are going to make history, I am a multi-time Pride and International champion, just who in the hell do you think you are to waltz on out here and assume you’ll knock me off if my pedestal? And your reasoning… Because you’ve held it before?


Archer scoffs.


Archer: You’re a collegic wrestler, although lately you’ve become obsessed with violence, like some sort of discount version of Justin Raze. If you don’t understand the reference go back and watch his match at End Games 2013, it’s been made available on the OCW YouTube channel along with other great historic events. Now, I digress because I’ve seen the run sheet and there’s about eighteen guys in the back that have scheduled themselves some promo time, because everyone talks too much. Tre… It’s very apparent…


Archer shifts his title again, this time holding it out in front of him for the camera.


Archer: That you have all of the physical attributes to challenge me… But do you have the mental dexterity? I’m not so sure about that… So each week I’m going to hide a riddle somewhere in the show… Perhaps there’s already been one… And you must give me the correct answer within twenty four hours of the show going live… If you can do that, I’ll see you soon… but be careful… Other people might beat you to it. Stay active and informed big guy… And remember, fight, watch, react… And one day get over.


And just like that, Archer disappears, the titantron turning itself off.


Golden: Damn, just when I thought this guy couldn’t get any more pretentious.


Golden: A Collegiate wrestler? I was THE Collegiate wrestler, 3X NCAA National Champion, and a 4x All-American. I am the best pure grappler in this company and would wrestle circles around anyone that you could gather up from the Combat Center.


Golden: Especially Aisu, chump came for me, tossed him around and put him on the shelf for months. Didn’t hear a peep from him.


Tre puts his finger to his lip and miming a sush


Golden: and who did he defend it against, Cobra? The same cobra I pinned in minutes after already going a round with Spider? The same Cobra I had to carry for over a year in tag matches because the world felt sorry for him?


Golden: I’m not obsessed with Violence, Violence is Golden. It’s the bioproduct of being a literal wrestling machine,bred into the world of Hardcore, who stopped trying to impress these idiot fans and so everyone what I am capable of, and what will happen to anyone who steps in the ring with me.


Golden: Archer I’m going to beat you into a pulp, I’m going to break you, and I’m going to take back my belt. MY OCW Pride Championship.


Golden: So bring on your riddles, this Cornell graduate is up to the challenge.


Golden: The more games you play, the more satisfying it will be when I finally get ahold of you.


Golden: Play my music.


Shook ones by Mobb Deep begin to play as Tre drops the mic to the canvas and makes his way out of the ring and up the ramp as the scene fades to black.

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