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Chris Greene: 'Here to stay.'

Shianne Lovelace

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A man of relatively small stature in comparison to most Pro Wrestlers, can be seen on camera walking up to a building. He stops in front of the building and the camera pans over to it, revealing it to be the OCW Headquarters. The man smirks, pushes the camera away and heads inside.


Thirty minutes later, he exits the building, flashing a signed contract to the camera guy who had oh so patiently waited for him.


Chris Greene: "My name, is Chris Greene... and as you can see here," He puts the contract even closer to the camera. "I just signed myself to a sweet, sweet new deal in OCW. Chris Greene is coming to town, man.." He chuckles, then keeps walking. The camera follows.


Chris Greene: "I can't lie. It's been tough, these past few years. Never thought I'd make it anywhere. I'll be honest, I'm not the best, nor will I ever claim to be the best of the best. Look at me," He pauses and motions at himself, his five-foot-eight, one-hundred ninety-eight pound toned build that really didn't do himself any favors in this industry. "I look like the kind of guy Vince McMahon feeds to his next big monstrosity. Unlike those guys, however.. I've learned to be able to hold my own against all types of opponents."


Chris Greene: "I don't have a fancy nickname, a fancy car, a fancy place, or even fancy, flashy moves... I don't have any of that. What I do got, is skill - skill and knowledge in what I do. Enough skill and knowledge that I was able to land myself a job here in OCW. I won't let this opportunity go to waste. This is my time." He smirks. "I won't let any more people walk all over me. I'm done letting that happen. I've stared at so many lights in so many buildings and it pisses me off that nobody can see the talent they have in me."


Chris Greene: "So one last thing - Chris Greene is here to stay. Let me repeat that for you in case it didn't quite rest well with you: Chris Greene.... is here to stay. And you know what? There's nothing none of you can do about it." He approaches a vehicle.


Chris Greene: "Now get the hell out of here, I'm done."

He shoves the camera man away as he gets in his vehicle, a white Sedan.

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