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  1. Don't need to know shit about Jack to punch people, b.
  2. All I was doing was sitting in the Dojo between sessions preparing for the next set of students, but swiping because it's fun to look at other pretty people... y'know? I don't even use this app for any serious reason... and I thought my settings were set to show me just other women!? Unless... I don't know, but him... them? Appearing in my stack was such a shocker that I dropped my phone mid-swipe. Then I received some messages. Blegh. I just hope this doesn't make work any weirder than it already is...
  3. Loud crashes and frustrated grunts are heard in the vicinity as the camera slowly approaches a bend in the halls. As it comes around the bend, an ice pack flies by and smacks against the wall. Shianne Lovelace is seen with a towel draped around her neck, violently frustrated after her loss to Marisa Welch-Mac. Shianne: Stupid f**kin' w***e! Shianne continues to yell something, but the rest of her words are bleeped out in the recording. Eventually she sits on an equipment box, and the camera approaches her slowly. She shoots a quick glare at the camera. Shianne: Dude! You got water!? The camera stops in its tracks for a moment before a disembodied arm reaches forward with a water bottle in its hand. Shianne grabs it and opens it, chugging. Shianne: Lookie here, bud. She motions for the camera to come closer. She points at a red mark on her shoulder. Shianne: Y'see that? That stupid b*tch did that. And this, and this, and that, too. She points at various locations across her torso and sides, then her back. Shianne: She won't get away with that, y'know? I was off my game. She's a dumb sl*t. A stupid dumb f**king sl*t who needs to be put in her f**king place. And I'll do it, I will. Shianne pauses for a moment, drinking some more of the water. A few droplets splash onto the camera, much to the camera man's displeasure. Shianne: Wrestleshow. Y'know, the big one. Next weekend? Yeah. I'll drop her on her stupid f**king head. If I don't do that, then maybe break her jaw. I haven't decided yet. Either way, I doubt she'll be able to get down on her knees again anytime soon, y'know? Shianne chuckles to herself. Shianne: Girl pissed off the wrong 'mamacita.' Right, that's what they say? What? Is that not right? There's a moment of silence between Shianne as she looks at the camera man, who is giving her a disappointed look behind the camera. Shianne: What? I didn't do too hot in Spanish class, a'ight? I don't even know what the barbie doll is anyway. She shrugs and finishes the water bottle, chucking it at the camera. Shianne: I could go for a Coke now. Y'know what else, though? A real big f**king burger. All we got are these sh**ty f**king sandwiches and they've all got f**king tomatoes. Who was it that did the food before, what happened to the bratwurst guy? The camera man breaks his silence. Camera Guy: Mama Reese. Shianne: Mama who? Camera Guy: Reese. Sue Plex, Mark Reese? Ring a bell? Shianne's expression sours. Shianne: Yeah I'll ring fatty's f**kin' bell next weekend I'll tell ya that much. Camera Guy: ... Shianne: What? I don't like that dumb c*nt, a'ight? Got a problem with that? We should rehire their ma though. I want them good foods back in 'ere. Camera Guy: Are you really that insensitive? Or dumb? Shianne: The f**k you say? Camera Guy: She passed away, you stupid b*tch! Shianne stops for a moment, mulling this over. She takes the towel from around her neck and tosses it down onto the floor, then scratches at her ear. Finally, she simply shrugs. Shianne: Well, I'll put fatty six feet under too. Shianne slams her fists together. Shianne: Oh, and camera dude? I don't like when people talk back to me, a'ight? You got a ten second head-start, then I'm comin' for you. Camera Guy: What? Shianne: Ten... Nine... Camera Guy: Oh sh- alright, I'm done, I'm done. The feed is cut.
  4. Stacy Clark catches Chris Greene in the back during the broadcast of Turmoil 299, the fans can be heard in the background. Chris seems slightly annoyed, but stops for a chat with the woman. Stacy: So, Chris, how are you feeling after Aisu took you out of action last week on Riot? Chris' brows furrow and he instead gets close to the camera, tapping it with his finger. Chris: You're filming? Good, right. Right. I don't know why you're chasing me down, Stacy Clark, but I'll give you an answer: I'm feeling great. In fact, having a week to rest means I'm in better shape than I would've been had I been in a match last week. Chris smirks smugly. Chris: I'm one-hundred and ten percent. Stacy: Only one-hundred and ten? Chris gives the woman a quick glare. Chris: Fine, two-hundred fifty percent for all I care. Stacy: That's not how percentages work, Mr. Greene. Chris pauses for a moment, stopping himself with a pinch to the bridge of his nose. He takes a deep breath, before continuing. Chris: Look, all that matters is that I am ready. Got that? Satohiko, "Aisu", he'll see. Everyone will see. Stacy: What will we see, Chris? Chris: You're the most insufferable woman I've ever had to interact with, you know that? Chris: You'll all see that I'm worth something. I'm more than a lackey, and I'm sure as hell still in my prime. Stacy: Have people suggested you may not be in your prime? Chris freezes for a moment, before running a hand through his hair. He cocks his head to the side and chuckles a little bit. Chris: Just some uh, y'know... those internet trolls, Stacy. Stacy: Riiiight. Chris: But that doesn't matter. I'll take Aisu to New York- Stacy: Wrestlution is in Las Vegas, and OCW is regularly seen in New York, Chris. Chris balls up his fists, his face beginning to red with building anger. Chris: The DDT, Stacy! The DDT! I'm taking Aisu to New York, and taking his North American championship while I do so! Stacy: Anything else? Chris: I should be asking you that, Clark! Christ sake, you're the single most annoying person I've dealt with all week. Stacy: Second after Aisu last week, I presume? Chris: You always have something to say, don't you? We're done here. Aisu, I'll be seeing you soon enough. Chris storms off as the camera fades to black.
  5. WRESTLER NAME: Chris Greene HOMETOWN: Rochester, New York HEIGHT: 5'8 WEIGHT: 180 lbs THEME SONG: "Throw Away Your Mask" - Lollia D.O.B.: April 28th, 1988 SIGNATURE MOVES(S) -Bane of Sensation (Wrist Clutch Assault) -Underhook Arm Drag -Corkscrew Forearm Smash -Torpedo DDT FINISHER(S) -Diced Bread #2 -New York Drive (Tilt-A-Whirl DDT) BIOGRAPHY Christopher David Alleyne (born April 28, 1988), better known by the ring name Chris Greene, is an American professional wrestler. He is currently signed to Online Championship Wrestling (OCW), where he is a member of Kasstianity. He has previously worked for defunct promotions New Generation Wrestling (NGW), Red Star Combat (RSC) and Beyond Your Understanding (BYU). Professional Wrestling Career Early Career (2007 - 2013) Alleyne was always interested in professional wrestling from a young age, and claims to have always dreamt of wrestling in the squared circle. He made his debut in July 2007 after spending three months training at a local, now closed school in Rochester; Mat Masters Wrestling Academy. Initially wrestling under his middle and surname, before using other ring names such as Chris Jackson, Chris Davids, Allen Rochester and Davey Green, among others, Greene settled on "Chris Greene" in late 2008. He traveled all around the state of New York working many independent shows and cards, primarily being used as a plucky underdog face without much substance or depth to his personality - and often putting over dominant heels. In his early career he was noted to lack consistency between the ropes, and many questioned his safety as a performer after he began recklessly throwing himself around the ring in an attempt to add something different to his performances. In August 2010, Greene was signed to a hardcore company based out of New Jersey, where he would begin to wrestle in deathmatches and work a high risk daredevil style between the ropes. For a brief time he was given the nickname "Ricochet" by the management of the company for the way he bounced around the ring with little regard for his own safety. This run ended in 2013 when Chris shattered his right knee after a botched outside knee drop. He spent the rest of the year recovering, and left the New Jersey company during that hiatus. Returning to action in 2014, Chris noticeably adopted a more technical ring style, incorporating more submission style moves and holds into his move set while toning down the amount of crazy dives and bumps he was taking. Over the next year and a half, he restored his reputation around the scene and began getting regular independent gigs with several small promotions throughout New York and Pennsylvania, where he would continue to fine tune his in-ring style and experiment with new gimmicks, one of these gimmicks being a cult leader character that was reportedly so awful that he scrapped it after just one month of using it. New Generation Wrestling (2018 - 2019) Chris signed with New Generation Wrestling in 2018, and made his on-screen debut in May. He initially worked as a heel, portraying himself as a cocky and arrogant character. This character later lost all credibility as Chris rarely won matches and was subject to a lot of on-screen harassment. In the Summer of 2018, Chris was released from his NGW contract after just three short months of being employed. His release didn't last long, though, as the company re-signed him later in 2018 and brought him back as a babyface character, where he often found himself feuding with John Carter and the company's main event players, but just as often lost matches and rivalries and seemed to have nothing going for him. A brief run with AJ Dunn and Kristian Murphy as "The Death of Cool" occurred, but both Dunn and Murphy were later released from their NGW deals by the beginning of 2019. Around this time, Chris was fired from NGW again. He re-signed with NGW for the third time in 2019, and went on to become a 2x NGW North American champion, with his reigns combined lasting 8 days, and a 2x NGW 24/7 Champion, his reigns with that belt lasting approximately 27 hours. Chris was also repackaged by NGW management as the "Grass Man", and was made to play a gimmick in which his entire personality was centered around smoking marijuana. He had a few brief tag team runs with this gimmick, and was involved in many angles and storylines where he was bullied or tortured. Chris ultimately stopped showing up to NGW shows and events, citing that the bullying went beyond the screen, and that the characters and segments he was forced to do while under contract made him uncomfortable. During his time in NGW, he befriended John Carter and the two formed "The Wrestling Club" shortly after they left the company. He also dated independent wrestler Sylvie Marriott, better known as Cynthia Storm, though the two maintain a friendly relationship post-dating. Beyond Your Understanding and Red Star Combat (2019 - 2020) Chris surfaced in the short lived Beyond Your Understanding promotion in 2020, where he was involved in a tournament to crown the company's first Television champion. He defeated The Show to qualify for a triple threat match at the company's Clash of Realms Event to crown the inaugural Television champion, facing his friends John Carter and Dylan Kinder. Ultimately the show was cancelled and the company went under shortly thereafter, with a majority of talent refusing to show up to shows or work with each other causing strife between the roster and management. He also appeared in the short-lived Red Star Combat around this time, where he was the on-screen General Manager. To date, his Red Star appearances are the only time he has worn a suit and tie. Red Star Combat went bankrupt a few months after it was founded, and Chris returned to the independent circuit alongside John Carter and Dylan Kinder. Independent Circuit (2020) Chris returned to wrestling on the independent circuit once again along with Benito Agriaro, better known as John Carter, and their friend Dylan Kinder. The three formed a stable known as "The Wrestling Club", and worked as cocky heels who believed their slower, more methodical in-ring styles were superior to everyone else's. "The Real Wrestlers", they called themselves. This work gained enough traction to get John Carter signed to Online Championship Wrestling in late 2020, where he then lobbied for the signings of both Chris and Dylan. Online Championship Wrestling (2020 - ) Unlike John Carter, Chris Greene did not debut in OCW as a singles performer. He debuted in a tag team match against The Hattons, teaming with Carter on the 561st episode of RIOT, which they lost. Chris continued to appear alongside John and later with Dylan, with John treating both him and Dylan more-or-less like lackeys on screen, but all three being oblivious to the dynamic. Dylan was labeled the "Heater", while Chris came to be labeled as the "Fall Guy" of the group, as he was often the one being pinned in their defeats. Chris' first victory in his OCW career came at Turmoil 265, where he defeated a debuting Christian Garcia after some interference from John Carter. The duo then shaved Garcia's head afterwards. The following week, the entire stable was booked against Ijitu Quartz in a handicap match, which they nearly lost before John Carter hit Quartz with his finishing knee for the victory. Greene made his presence known at Wrestlution 15, though, as during the Bermuda Triangle match Greene spent perhaps the longest time in the ring and repeatedly kicked out of what many thought would be his end in the bout. Ultimately he lost the match, with Lucha Country retaining the Tag Team championships. At Turmoil 268, Chris Greene and Dylan Kinder again challenged for the Tag Team titles, but lost to Mark Reese in what turned out to be a handicap match after El Parca ditched Reese following his Lution betrayal. Chris Greene then participated in a #1 Contender's Battle Royal for John Carter's Light Heavyweight Championship, which also featured H2O, The Last Blacksmith, Maxx Edwards, AC Cobra and TY Sparks. Chris was the first man eliminated, and was confronted by John Carter as he made his way to the back. John Carter hit Greene with his knee, and expelled Greene from The Wrestling Club. Chris then went on a bit of a hiatus, taking time away from TV to heal up some nagging injuries and work on his ring rust. He returned to in-ring action at Grievance 2021, narrowly losing to Harris Turner in a qualifying match for the 2021 Super S Cup. He then defeated OWEN in the Main Event of Ambition 5, before teaming up with Christian Garcia in a losing effort against AC Cobra and Kassidy Hayes at the Super S Cup PPV. Garcia then faced him at Ambition 6, defeating Greene. Around this time, Chris began to spark tensions with El Parca. Chris Greene and El Parca came to blows during a Clark Effect at Riot 578, which turned into an impromptu match which Greene won after Parca hit him with a low blow. At Ambition 7, the Wolves of Vanguard defeated Greene after he was paired up with Gonzalo Munoz - who was connected to El Parca through mutual allegiances. Chris participated in the 17th Anniversary Rookie Rush in a losing effort, then appeared at Riot 580 in a losing effort to Joe Deaver before finally facing El Parca at Devil's Night in an Iron Man match. Chris lost 3 falls to 2. After the bout, Parca viciously assaulted Chris and injured Chris' right arm, causing Chris to be taken away by paramedics as Parca celebrated in the ring. Following a brief hiatus, Chris returned again with a mask and called himself "Chris Verde", appearing to have an identity crisis following his loss to El Parca. He lost several singles matches, and also a tag team match in which he partnered with Joe Deaver, before later being confronted by Deaver. After a few weeks of bickering, the two began teaming up regularly and were often seen in backstage segments where Deaver would try to pump Chris up despite their relatively below average performance as a team. The duo made a challenge to Sheldon Tremblay and James Fraser of SANCTUM for the tag team titles, with Chris later winning a singles match against Tremblay to earn them a match scheduled for Summercide 2022. Due to travel circumstances, the match was removed from the Summercide card and schedule for the post-Cide show, Riot 590, where SANCTUM soundly defeated The Believers. Around this time Chris began to show frustration with his place both in OCW and within his own tag team, feeling like Joe wasn't pulling his own weight. Following a loss to Hanzo Yamashida, Greene began to operate more aggressively in the ring, defeating his former partner John Carter and new wrestling club member Aisu at Turmoil 286, before he and Joe defeated Millionaire INC at Ambition: September 2 Remember. Following this victory, Chris attacked Joe Deaver with a steel chair and broke up the Believers. Prior to this turn, Kassidy Hayes had been sprinkling seeds of doubt in Chris' mind about his team with Joe. The following week at Riot 592, Chris and Joe teamed in a losing effort to The Lads, where Chris abandoned Joe halfway through the match. Following the match, Chris was surrounded in the ring by Kasstianity. Kassidy approached Chris and tore his mask off, before hugging him, meaning Chris was now a part of Kasstianity. The next week, Chris defeated Joe Deaver in a singles match with Kassidy at ringside. Afterwards, Chris went on to lose triple threat matches to Elliot Parker and Jared McGregor Jr, respectively, as well as suffer singles losses to Mark Reese, Jared McGregor Jr, The Last Blacksmith and John Carter. During this time, Chris got involved in the Team OCW vs. Kasstianity storyline, aiding Kasstianity members in their matches - including causing a DQ at Don't Come To New York. He participated in a Team OCW vs. Kasstianity Tag Team Elimination contest at Turmoil 290, and was eliminated by Quartz. At Ambition: Season's Beatings, he defeated C-NOTE, then defeated reigning International champion Claudio Stardom at Riot 596. Following this victory, a fan jumped the barricade and attacked both Chris and Kassidy Hayes. This fan was later revealed to be Cody Hagen, who began feuding with Chris and Kasstianity. Chris participated in a losing effort against The Wrestling Club at Turmoil 291, then faced a singles loss to Luis Bishop at Riot 598 before having his 18th Anniversary match against Cody Hagen, which he won. After the match, a flaming table was spotted on the ramp. Throughout the remainder of Season 17 and into the beginning of Season 18, Chris and The Last Blacksmith would interact with each other but ultimately it never led to a match between the two. Following this, Chris Greene attacked Satohiko "Aisu" Hitta to answer Hitta's "Lution Lockhorn Challenge", beginning a rivalry with Aisu in the build to Wrestlution 17. On the Road to Wrestlution 17, Chris faced DOC in a losing effort on an episode of Turmoil, and spent the weeks building up to the biggest PPV of the year going back and forth with Aisu - including calling him out several times and even attacking him in the backstage area ahead of their match. At Lution 17, Chris faced Aisu in a singles match for the OCW North American championship, which he lost after a technical back and forth bout with the champion. At the event, Chris wore an attire that showed support for transgender people, continuing his trend of representing LGBTQ support in his major matches. Following his loss at Wrestlution, Kassidy Hayes' focus on the new World Champion Sheldon Tremblay, and Harvey Ocean's betrayal of the group, Chris began to grow disillusioned with his place in the faction. After a brief stint away from TV, Chris reappeared to save Joe Deaver from the newly aligned Perfect Storm, Quartz and Harvey Ocean. Notably lacking his Kasstian garb, Chris began to warm up to Joe once again and the two rekindled their team once again to face the Ocean brothers. While being attacked and harassed by the Oceans, the duo faced tag losses to Mass Effect at Riot 610, and then a loss in a two on three handicap bout against DNS at Turmoil 304, before facing the Perfect Storm at Hard Target 2023. The two won their match against the Storm, in what was a major upset of the night. Following their win against Perfect Storm, The Believers re-entered the race for the OCW Tag Team Championships, competing against Mass Effect and Grit 'n' Glory for a chance at a title match. Chris lost a singles bout to Devon Flash at Ambition 85, and the duo later lost a tag team match to Grit 'n' Glory at Turmoil 306. Following this loss, Chris Greene then competed in a triple threat match at Riot 613 against Derek Smith and former friend John Carter. Despite performing well in the match, Chris came up short and Derek Smith walked away with his hand held high. Following this lost and Joe's failures to gain them any momentum, The Believers were dropped out of the Tag title race. At Animol House II in December, Chris appeared in a triple threat match with a new mask as "El Tigre Verde" in a losing effort to 'El Pussca' and El Parca, the latter of whom came out of the match with his hand held in victory. At Riot 615, Chris and Joe teamed up once again to defeat DOC and B17 in a shocking upset, but following this match Chris made it clear he did not intend to keep teaming up with Joe - instead wanting to fly his own way and figure out his next move in OCW. After Anthony Martin defeated Joe Deaver in singles competition, Chris told Joe that he'd face Martin too - a match at Turmoil 311 was then set between Chris and Martin. At Turmoil 311, Chris Greene appeared with a new look, presentation and theme music, and defeated Anthony Martin decisively. Top 5 Matches 1. El Parca def. Chris Greene [Devil's Night] 2. Harris Turner def. Chris Greene [OCW Grievance 2021] 3. Chris Verde def. Sheldon Tremblay w/ James Fraser [OCW Riot 589] 4. Chris Greene def. Claudio Stardom [OCW Riot 596] 5. Chris Greene def. OWEN [Ambition #5] Tag Team History w/ John Carter [The Wrestling Club] w/ Dylan Kinder [The Wrestling Club II] w/ Joe Deaver [The Believers] Singles Feud History vs. El Parca vs. Joe Deaver vs. Cody Hagen vs. The Last Blacksmith vs. Satohiko "Aisu" Hitta Title Match History Lucha Country © def. The Wrestling Club & The Benchmark [OCW Wrestlution 15] Mark Reese © def. The Wrestling Club [OCW Turmoil 268] SANCTUM © def. The Believers [OCW Riot 590] Satohiko "Aisu" Hitta © def. Chris Greene [OCW Wrestlution 17] Previous Theme Songs "World War 3" - ??? "Memories Fade" - Jacob Lizotte "Believer (REMIX)" - Imagine Dragons "Born For This (EDIT)" - The Score "Absolution" - Ghost "Throw Away Your Mask" - Lollia Ring Names Chris Greene David Alleyne Chris Jackson Davey Green Allen Rochester Chris Davids Chris Alleyne Topher Allen Jaksyn Greene Chris Verde Verde El Tigre Verde
  6. WRESTLER NAME: Harper LeRoux HOMETOWN: Toronto, Ontario, Canada HEIGHT: 5'5 WEIGHT: 115 lbs THEME SONG: ??? D.O.B.: December 18th, 2002 SIGNATURE MOVES(S) -Cut of Darkness [Diced Bread] -Ghoul's Faith [Frog Splash] FINISHER(S) -Bridging Butterfly Suplex BIOGRAPHY: Harper LeRoux, also known as "Ojistah", is a Canadian-born professional wrestler from the Ontario province who is of Indigenous-American descent, specifically a member of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy's Mohawk Tribe - better known as the Six Nations. A gymnast and amateur wrestler in school, Harper applies technical skills to an aerial style in a way commonly seen on the independent wrestling scene in the modern era. Though she's conservative about her big dives and aerial attacks, she still breaks them out when she feels the time is right, even if the time is sometimes wrong. She is noted for her usage of submission holds and suplexes to wear her opposition down, not afraid to keep anyone in a submission hold for as long as possible. She made her debut on the regional independent circuit in Ontario and Upstate New York in 2021, usually being used in a curtain jerking capacity as she developed the skills needed to perform in front of larger audiences and came into her own as a performer. Although incredibly green and sometimes considered a spot monkey, her performances caught the attention of Alexa Hayes, a member of the Online Championship Wrestling roster. After formally meeting with the Hayes', LeRoux began further training beneath Alexa and Kassidy - with Alexa leading most of the training. She refined her skillset and even made sporadic appearances on OCW programming in uncredited capacities. Under the guidance of the Hayes', LeRoux learned how to wield her strong legs to inflict major damage - mimicking her mentors strong striking styles and combining it with her established skills. All of this training was on behalf of the benevolence of the church, which Harper quickly became a devout follower of, performing various roles off screen and on screen as one of Kassidy Hayes' many ghouls. Now, with the masks off, and after a year of intensive behind-the-scenes training and an official contract signing, Harper looks to make her mark in the OCW women's division with her upcoming in-ring debut on Ambition.
  7. Someone hasn't been watching enough tapes of the pawnch to be saying this so freely.
  8. 100%! I tried to correct things that were off in the actions and etc while we were writing if I caught it, but I didn't correct any of the dialogue for this reason.
  9. WRESTLER NAME: Shianne Lovelace INFORMATION HOMETOWN: Buffalo, New York HEIGHT: 5'2" WEIGHT: 121lbs | Cruiserweight THEME SONG: SIGNATURE MOVES(S): Clothesline From Hell | Low Blow 2 FINISHERS(S): Love Tap [Discus Clothesline 4] BIOGRAPHY: [subject to change overtime as I iron out aspects of her character!] Born and raised in Buffalo, NY - Shianne Lovelace (Shianne Alexandra Elizabeth Lacie Bradstone) has always stood out just a tad. With snow-white skin, a stocky build, a foul mouth and standing about as tall as that one really annoying toddler in your extended family, she's never found fitting in to be her strength. Studying wasn't, either, as she would've rather screwed around anywhere else but at her school. It was only natural she picked up an affinity for fighting, then, and built up a reputation for being a hard hitting gal who didn't take anything from anybody. Taking boxing classes certainly helped her in her quest to beat up the classmates that annoyed her, too, but if you asked her she'd tell you it was all natural instinct. After she got out of school she befriended an independent wrestler, who got her into some training camps. She took to it like a fish to land, in that she sandbagged the hell out of everyone and didn't seem to care. This earned her a reputation, and not exactly a positive one, and in her 'pro debut' she effectively retired the friend that got her into the business in the first place via injury - that friendship didn't last much longer after that little ordeal. She then retired herself, deciding that a business full of, to quote her directly from the show she did this on: "Arrogant f**k-heads and p*ssies can't take a punch from a pint-sized b*tch like me, *chuckle*," just wasn't for her. (Don't worry, she's got a sense of humor too.) That was, until an anonymous employee from OCW in New York City contacted her upon seeing the tape of the single pro match she had to her name and offered her a job. Deciding she needed a change of pace, and a new roster of people to pick fights with given that the streets of Buffalo were getting a little barebones, she signed onto a deal with the federation and officially made her debut as the surprise partner of VanPark on Turmoil 289.
  10. Stepping in to review the matches I caught while in VP after I got home from work. Noimara vs. Val Vitriol - A solid match, at least for what I caught of it (I had gotten home right in the middle of this one so missed some of it). Noimara picking up a W in a pretty solid bout, giving more credibility to OCW's newest spooky spookster. Hanzo Yamashida vs. Jordan Trance - This match was iffy for me. I'm not a huge fan of Hanzo's moveset, having watched and been on the opposing side of it, but comp is comp and he certainly brings that aspect to the table on top of his character work. Certainly not my favorite match on the night, but nothing too horrible either. We've seen worse, and I'd like to see Hanzo keep moving forward with this momentum either way, he's building a strong resume in-character, and that's great. Scotty X vs. Samsin Simsin - Okay so we all meme'd the hell out of this in VP before it started and then... it was a gosh darn BANGER? Great stuff from the both of them, and certainly an unexpected, pleasant surprise. The ending sequence was great, and Scotty picking up ANOTHER win is also great - and very interested in seeing where Samsin is heading given that his relationship with his "mentor" (bully) is so strained. The Last Blacksmith vs. The Wrestling Club - Started off solidly but then quickly derailed for me. I don't know what to really say as a handicap match is always gonna be tricky for all involved. Felt dragged out longer than it should've been, especially given the caliber of the participants, but everyone has off nights. Chris Greene vs. Joe Deaver - I'm not gonna mark out for my own shit, you marks. Elliot Parker vs. Harris Turner - I didn't know what to expect heading into this, but it was a sleeper hit for me. Well done by both guys, and Parker gaining more competitive momentum as he continues to mess with El Parca is great and I'm really happy to see it. Holly Hunter vs. Furiosa - If there was a match to steal the show, it was this one. I actually forgot this was booked when I strapped in to watch the show, and boy howdy do I feel dumb. Banger, this was. I genuinely thought we were going to have a title change on TURMOIL and that had me on the edge of my seat. A few hiccups for sure, but again we all have those every now and then and besides that it was match of the night in my honest, rooky opinion. That's all, folks. Have a good afternoon :cool: -Chey
  11. But how could we possibly call ourselves digital professional wrestlers if we weren't always trying to bury one another?! That's like, rule number one in the digital pro wrestling gamer handbook! :cool: Although a little unnecessary, I enjoyed the video for what it was. I mean heck, it was a video about TWC and somehow I felt like I was in a majority of it! :o:o:o Paid in exposure, b! Show was solid overall, I think. A step up from the last Riot for sure.
  12. This is why I just sat in catering and enjoyed the show... the nerve of some people. These lot trying to get us banned again? I want to wrestle there someday too, y'know.
  13. Verde is standing back in catering, by himself. Deaver was passed out back in their locker room, tired after the impromptu bout with The Wrestling Club. Verde lets out a sight and stretches a little, he felt good but something didn't feel right. Not physically, no, mentally. That match had been like a fever dream to him, he felt as though he hardly remembered a second of it. Many things had been swirling in his mind over the last week or even before that, the appearance of Kassidy Hayes into his life was unexpected and was a great cause for concern. A great deal of looking in on himself from an outside viewpoint soon followed that interaction. Verde: ... He was going to say something aloud, he knew he was. It was right on the tip of his tongue when it vanished from his vocal cords and the thought disappeared from his mind. Not like there was anyone around to hear him, he'd just be rambling to himself like an idiot. Or like Deaver. Another sigh, as he grabbed a plate and began sifting through the dishes looking for something that might take his fancy. He'd always been a foodie, and it helped calm him down even if it wasn't the most healthy of coping methods. Finally, he stops upon a pasta dish. He wasn't quite sure what it was meant to be exactly, but the familiar smell of pasta was enough to catch his attention. It looked hastily thrown together and barely cooked properly, but he had come to expect that from whoever was making OCW's catering. OCW takes all stops to afford the best wrestlers, and cheaps out on everything else. It was just the way things were. He shrugged, throwing the weird pasta dish onto his plate before taking some steps back to sit down on an equipment box. Sitting with the plate on his lap and a fork in his hand, he slowly began to eat. The eerie silence of the backstage area meant he was left with nobody to chat with but his own mentality. It was either that or acknowledging the tinnitus that comes with being in quiet spaces, which would've been far more irritating. The question that kept popping up in his mind was the same one Kassidy had forced him to ask himself last week: "Do you believe?" It seemed like such an inconsequential statement, in reality, but the complexity of the answer was far more than he could've ever anticipated. He enjoyed what he was doing with Deaver, but did he truly "BELIEVE"? He was unsure, and the fact was he'd been unsure ever since the beginning. A few months back, it wasn't meant to be anything like this, and the fact that they'd even gotten a tag title shot was far more than he'd anticipated heading into it. He stabbed the pasta with his fork, twirling before slurping it down. It was a little undercooked. Whoever made it clearly wasn't making pasta on the regular. Disappointing. Back into his mind, he pondered more on the complexity of the questions he was asking himself. Believing in something was a key factor to living anymore, but what was he supposed to believe in? He knew he believed in himself, to some extent. Though ever since the heart and soul faded he felt as though he were a husk, going through the motions trying to find his next big breakout moment. There were glimpses of that with Deaver, for sure, and that spurred him to keep going. But were those glimpses enough to truly "believe" in? Verde: I don't know. He had been snapped out of his own thoughtful daze by his own monotonous voice. For someone who just claimed victory over one of the most prolific tandems in the company, he sounded less than enthused. It was shocking to him as much as it would've been anyone else. For one, this was technically a victory over John Carter - finally some small amount of payback for way back when. He hadn't forgotten, and he never would. The way John cast him aside still hurt to think about, and he often wondered if Joe would do the same one day. Once again, back into his mind. The last few months had been a ride, and up until last week, he felt good about it. Ups and downs and ups, until Kassidy Hayes appeared and threw a wrench into the entire grand mechanism of his mind. Joe was unaware, to his knowledge, as he didn't discuss it with the Wilkes-Barre Believer, nor did he intend to. It was entirely his own issue to grapple with. But the question remained: Would he be able to find the answers he wanted, or would he find the ones others wanted? Looking down, he noticed the plate was empty. He didn't feel full, but he also wasn't about to indulge on undercooked pasta. He could wait until he got home to make himself a proper victory dinner. Cooking soothed his mind, to some extent. Cooking and a good cup of coffee. Standing up, he tossed his paper plate in the garbage, before putting the facecover back on and heading back towards the locker room. Verde: Somebody better file a complaint about that damn pasta... The cameras fade. To the outside viewer, this was probably the most boring five minutes of watching someone eat ever. OCW eating ASMR content, surely to top the list of WhereCulture's top 10 most absurd OCW broadcasting decisions in the last week. Hopefully an Aaron would host it.
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