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  1. SUPER S CUP FINALS - ASHLEY MOORE vs. EMP Emp, I mean the whole point of this tournament was for her. In the hype video she is shown to be the puppet master. OCW CHAMPIONSHIP - EL PARCA vs. MAXX EDWARDS El Parca, the man never has a boring reign. He always brings new people into the title picture which I respect and I think considering Maxx has only had a few matches since returning and Parca has been here wrestling that whole time he will get the best of Maxx. CCW CHAMPIONSHIP - B17 vs. AISU Aisu, I’m going with an upset here. It’s nice to see a change in character for Aisu. He will be the underdog this match as he’s going against B17 but I think this change in attitude will help him win the match. ALL STAR TAG #2 - KASSCUM vs. PERFECT STORM Perfect Storm, they have been absolutely running through the tag division and I believe they will continue to do so. If the tag division was smaller as it’s been in the past they’d absolutely already be champions. They had a small set back though against The Believers ever since they they have been extremely motivated to get that tag title match and defeating Kasscum will bring them one step closer to that goal. INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP - OWEN vs. SHELDON TREMBLAY Owen, this feud has been a long one both men have a lot of history with one another. But I think Owen is the more motivated man here. They both have has massive singles success since Sanctum but Sheldon has been the bigger star. This match is Owens chance to prove he is just as good as his former ally. TAG CHAMPIONSHIPS TLC - MASS EFFECT vs. GRIT & GLORY vs. FUTURE IDIOTS Prediction GRUDGE MATCH - C-NOTE vs. MARK REESE Mark Reese, CNote is hot right now but I just want Reese to finish his story so I hope he gets the win here. How many more setbacks can this man go through. Parca v Reese again main event of Lution for the title is something I’m hoping happens despite the fact they faced recently. SINGAPORE KANE MATCH - BLACKSMITH vs. RYU MATSUMOTO Ryu, this man always surprises me. You’d think he’s one of those legends who was good 7 years ago but isn’t anymore. But he always manages to hold his own in there. I remember facing him in 22 thinking it’s an easy W but he made me work for that win. He may not play the game much but neither does Blacksmith. Despite that though Blacksmith is on a crazy PPV run. Both men are way better than you’d expect but I think Ryu comes out on top. WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP - JOANNA SILVER vs. SHIANNE LOVELAVE vs. DEBORAH Deborah, she’s on a dominate run and I really see the other two women more as midcarders who should be fighting for the Pride Championship. Would’ve preferred to see Joanna in the Scup and Blaine or Furi fighting for the championship right now. Has been an entertaining story though but I believe this is just a stepping stone for Deborah on her way to Lution. GRUDGE MATCH - JynX vs. Scotty X. JynX is going to do it for DNS. Loser should have to lose the X in their name would’ve been more entertaining. Was surprised to see it on ppv tbh I enjoyed JynX v Harris way more but I’m happy to see both men getting an opportunity on ppv and I hope they do well.
  2. OCW star John Carter is reportedly noted to have a minor lower back injury. The current tag team champion has been cleared to compete by OCW medical staff even though they advise him not to. With that being said Carter has refused that recommendation and reportedly doesn’t even want to take on a lighter schedule. The young star wants to continue as if nothing has happened even though according to his tag partner Jordan Trance he can’t even lift heavy weights in the gym without a lot of pain.
  3. Earlier tonight John Carter came out to address potential tag team challenger Mad Dawg Davis who we witnessed taking a loss to the debuting Aiden O'Tierney. Mid-promo John was brutally assaulted by Bash, resulting in him being hurled from the stage, crashing throw a table, having missed the second one, and being driven into the concrete below. Our sources report that John has been rushed to a nearby medical facility, we reached out to his tag team partner, Jordan Trance for an update but were informed that he is yet to arrive, having accidentally set his Google Maps to Uzbekistani.
  4. Very interesting Paul not only got a shot at the title but he won. Amazing match obviously a great hand so I think this could make for something very good. Definitely the fasted rise to a championship I’ve seen while in OCW and I think this was probably the best character to do that. Excited to see what he does with it.
  5. John walks backstage after his failed cash in. He walks to a corner putting his head against a wall. The camera stays on him as a producer walks up to him Producer: John what the hell was that? We have been filming the documentary for you for almost a year about the rise of a new generation. We had a whole documentary about you rising to the top of OCW and we can’t even use it now. You just wasted OCW resources, we had some much money sunken into this thing. John clearly emotional doesn’t say a word for a minute before turning to look at the producer John: I…I failed everyone. I ruined the oke opportunity I ever had in my career to become World Champion. I’m no H2O,Quartz,Rust,Wrex. These men are at the top of this sport. I am just a boy from a small town in Italy who has absolutely no business being here. John: I had no business leading dare I say the best Rookie Factions to be inside OCW. I had no business beating the King of OCW at WrestleLution for the very prestigious Light Heavyweight Championship. I had no business having one of the greatest wrestlers in this business take me under his wing and mentor me. John: Last of all I had no business just now standing across from Quartz looking into his eyes and wrestling a full match with him for the CCW World Heavyweight Championship. John looks into the camera very emotional looking like he’s about to cry John: I don’t know if anyone will ever see this but if this is shared I want all of you to listen to what I’m about to say. I’m not done here, I may have just had the biggest set back of my career but I have learned so much from this. It may be the concussion talking cause Quartz hit me very hard tonight. John: But Quartz thank you for doing this to me. I wasn’t ready to be World Champion hell I don’t know if I ever will be. All I know is my head hurts, my back hurts, my legs hurt but I still want to get back in that ring and do what I love as soon as I can. Producer: That was good! Maybe we can salvage this somehow. Uh maybe call out Quartz or something we can get good clicks from that. John looks at the producer John: This is just the real me speaking right now. I’m not doing any of that shit. Next time I step in the ring with a World Champion I’m going to be prepared. I am not ready for Quartz. That’s all you’re getting from me. I'm getting out of here. John walks away his head hung low Producer: What a useless piece of shit no wonder everyone in OCW hates him, he deserved to lose that match.
  6. There’s plenty of running gags in OCW though. Every time I’m in a match with commentary Jake says I’m from queens that’s a running gag is it not?
  7. How is it an inside joke if everyone has the same context. No one has more context than anyone else.
  8. Please explain how anything Nick and Jordan said was an “inside joke”
  9. Well you said I was from Queens as part of an in universe statement. If we can’t be joking around then I should’ve gotten mad at you for that. People seem to just be mad because of the people who were involved. If you told Jay shut up and kiss me no one would care
  10. Jay and Jake make fun of people during main event commentary too. Even on ppv so I don’t understand the problem
  11. I genuinely don’t see the difference from what they did and what Jay was doing during the Kingu match. Both made a bunch of jokes which to me is fine. Don’t see how you can complain about one and not the other. Especially saying it ruined the match when most of it was good commentary. I didn’t find it as distracting as some people are saying.
  12. I believe in Deaver I don’t believe in the hype
  13. Please unblock me I love you
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