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A Warning

Jacob Trance

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It’s a quiet evening in the hotel, just after another successful OCW house show. Jordan Trance is relaxing in his hotel room, just after dinner, and is channel surfing, trying to find something good to watch. A rather uneventful evening is disturbed, however, when he gets an unexpected phone call. When he picks up, he hears a series of strikes landing on a punching bag in the background and a familiar voice on the other end.


River: Is this Jordan Trance?


Jordan:Yes, it is.


River: Annyeong, Jordan! It's Hyun-mi, aka River, Evelyn Parker’s manager. How’s your face? My glove has been missing a rhinestone since our initial encounter. Apologies if I went a little too hard, but I had to get my point across!


Jordan: You slapped me for absolutely no reason and your friend was gaslighting me, and here you are, calling me out of the blue… What is it you need? Actually, come to think of it, how did you even get my phone number?


River: Trade secret, don’t ask. What is important is me telling you that, quite frankly, Eve is pissed. I haven’t seen her this angry since Wrestlelution, and IDK what happened with you guys recently, but she has been beside herself since. My best bet would be to steer clear of her for the time being.


Jordan: that sounds a lot like a GPDR breach… Did Russians sell you my date?! I have not even done anything to her! Why’s she so angry? And how do I avoid her? I’m working the entire house show circuit!


River: You know what, I never thought about that… Tell you what, you're a smart kid, figure it out. I'll try my best to get this squashed.


In the background, a loud bang can be heard, followed by the sound of pouring sand.


Evelyn: River, that's another down, can you grab another one for me?


River: Ibeonjue ne beonjjaelo buleojin molae jumeoni ya, maengse keondae-


River stops in her tracks before she finishes her statement, realizing she is still on the phone.


River: Sorry you had to hear that. Listen, now isn't a good time, so we can talk about this next time we see each other backstage?


Evelyn interjects from the background.


Evelyn: Who do you think you're talking to like that?


River: Naega wonhaneun nugudeun!


Jordan: I don’t understand what you’re saying… Hello?


The phone clicks audibly, indicating River is no longer at the end of the line. Jordan stares at the phone in complete confusion as we fade out.

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