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November 23rd, 1985 - Inside The Mind of Quartz


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A tearful woman sits in a comfortable looking office chair. She is trying to console herself. A hand reaches down and rests on her shoulder. She looks up and lets slip a smile. A man pulls a chair up and sits with her.


They speak in a hushed whisper, the buzzing of old light fixtures contrasts the soft spoken voice of the young man.


The woman nods her head and starts laughing with the man. The two share a kiss as she wipes her tears away. A clicking sound of a door is heard and the couple stand up.


Walking into the room is another couple. They smile wide at the sight and embrace the younger couple. The two who entered the room appear to be older than the young couple, likely in their mid to late 30s. They seem incredibly happy to see the once teary eyed woman, who seems to be in good spirits, despite her tears.


2nd Man: I cannot tell you how grateful we are to you both.


The younger man nods his head and smiles at the gratitude. He puts his arm around the teary eyed young woman and another clicking of the door is heard. Walking into the room in a large white jacket and scrubs is a man who appears to be a doctor.


Doctor: Mommy?


He enters view carrying a small, newborn baby. The baby fidgets around, but doesn't make much of a fuss. He brings the newborn child to the two couples, leaning towards the younger woman, identifying her as the mother.


Doctor: Would you like to hold him?


She takes her baby and stands with him in her arms. The younger man joins her and they speak to their baby.


Mother: Look at you.


Mother: You're going to be great. I just know it.


Mother: I'm sorry we can't be the ones to watch you grow, but you're going to be in good hands.


The new parents look up to the other couple, who are also now becoming emotional.


Mother: We love you, Isaiah.


She carries the child to the other group and all four share a tearful embrace. She hands the child to the other couple. She smiles so wide and holds him.


Mother: Thank you both for making this process so easy for us. I know the last 3 months have been just as stressful for you as it has been for us.


Father: Do you plan on staying up north?


2nd Man: Not long. Just long enough to make sure this little guy is safe to travel. We have to be back in Philadelphia before the new-year.


The birth father laughs softly and nods.


The view fades out as more pleasantries are exchanged. The birth parents gather their things and hold onto one another as they say goodbye and walk out of the office area.


A zoom back into the couple holding the newborn shows great happiness on their faces. There is a brief pause as they soak in the moment.


Man: I'm glad we kept the name, you know.


Woman: Is that right? I thought you didn't like it?


Man: I think it was because I was using their name, you know? But I've come around. Isaiah Quartz. It has such a nice ring to it.


The woman laughs and gives a playful tap on his shoulder before looking back down at her new baby.


Woman: What do you think, little handsome? Do you like that, Isaiah?


The view focuses on the child's face and his eyes open slightly.


Woman's voice: Do you like it?




A snap flash from the face of the baby zooms back to see the bloodshot eyes of Ijitu Quartz. He shakes off the cobwebs.


Voice: Hey! I said do you like it?


Quartz turns to see Ryu Matsumoto, standing in a blazer and sun-visor, with a whistle around his neck.


He's standing near a white board with ridiculous lines and arrows pointing at random diagrams. It seems to be a gameplan of some sort. The bottom of the board shows "PAUL POO" with several bulletin points listing his strengths and weaknesses.


Quartz: It's fool-proof.


RYU: I KNEW IT. The Quartz and Spider Legend Beatdown Tour claims it's oldest victim yet, next week!


Quartz: We really need to work on that name.


RYU: Well you said the "Legendary Guy Beating Tour" wasn't going to work.


Quartz: That's because you kept shouting it as an acronym!


RYU: Well then what was wrong with "The Legendary Beat Off Tour"???


Quartz: Spider...


RYU: We're beating them off... the OCW roster!


The scene fades as Spider returns to studying his "strategy".

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