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Dominion Reschedules on Bingo


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"To the attention of the CCW Champion, B-17.


Hum.. On Behalf of The OCW Champion Rust Cohle and Dominion,


We must postpone our friendly meeting to November 19th 2020.


You are then, and finally invited to the "Per Se" restaurant (10 Columbus Cir, New York, NY 10019-1158)


You'd be welcomed to a friendly diner, everything will be taken care of for you.


Make sure that you dress accordingly.


Mr. Cohle, Mr. Ortiz, Mr. Everrett and Mr. Watts will be waiting for you the night before the TURMOIL Season Premiere.


Cause these fucking idiots don't know how to judge their capacities before booking special meetings!


So I don't get a phone call the day before saying "Oh sorry Mister Hon Hon, we are full, we did not intend that many people blablabla.."


Shush your ass up. Filthy americans.


A real French restaurant wouldn't do that of course! That's unacceptable..


I got carried away. Please excuse my bad language.


With sincere appreciation."


Ty stopped reading and looked up at B17. He had a frown on his face, but it was nothing compared to the look that Bingo had.

B17: These suits cost me $8,000 dollars a piece. These are Sean Conery suits...directly from the government compound that is guarded by top men! He wore this suit in Dr. No!


B17 looked over at Sparks.

B17: And he wore that one...wait a minute! What are you wearing?


Ty: Oh, um. The suit didn’t fit so they did an exchange for me. I um. Well I thought Green Hornet was a good movie, right?


B17 considers this for a moment and shrugs: Yeah you make a good Kato.


Ty looks confused as Bingo turns away.

Ty: So, what are we going to do? Obviously this was sent to mess with our heads.

B17: Nonsense, if there is anything you can rely on in this world, it’s the French. Always too lazy to confirm that they know what they think they know. Don’t you know?


Ty: Um…


B17: Exactly, you must know these things to be a hero. As a matter of fact, I knew this would happen. So I booked us to visit the grand opening of the Millionaire Brigade Beach Spa and Resort!


Ty: We, um...didn’t need an invitation for that.


B17: Hmm? You drive.

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