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Road to King of OCW: Episode #1

El Parca

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Parca is seen walking near the front door of the OCW Combat Center. Gym bag on his shoulder, Parca is seen wearing an OCW branded tracksuit as he enters into the building.


Posters of the upcoming King of OCW tournament are plastered all over the wall. Parca walking by each poster tries not to look at them until he reaches the last poster right before the Combat Center locker rooms.


Parca grabs the poster off the wall and looks at it, takes it all in. He gazes over every competitor and how any given man could walk away as victor.


Parca: Man.. who would’ve thought, a kid from Tijuana, Mexico would be here today. From barely being able to hang to King of OCW tournament...


Parca then enters into the locker room that’s empty, he places his gym bag down as he slides the track suit pants off as a pair of shorts are underneath. He unzips his hoodie and unzips his bag as he places the tracksuit inside. Parca, grabs a pair of AirPods placing them in his ears as he makes his way to the treadmill.


While he’s making his way he passes even more posters. Finally before he gets near the treadmill he looks at the poster once more.


Parca: Eight of the toughest men OCW has to put up for show. What a tall task to complete, I’ve climbed some mountains before but man. This is like asking Gordon Ramsay to not swear on television! Can I do this? Man I wish dad was here..


He finally steps on the treadmill. He starts at a slower pace as he starts talking to himself again.


Parca: B17.. Antonio Everrett.. Thomas Archer..

Parca begins increasing his speed without noticing H2O... Quartz... his speeds keeps ramping up DOC... and Rust Cohle. The best OCW has to offer.. and then there’s me..


Parca keeps full on sprinting as he continues talking to himself.


Parca: One night, three possible matches.. Parcas eyes open a bit as he realizes that. Ugh, that’s gonna be dreadful. They really couldn’t have spaced it out not even a week or two? I guess I’ll have to cut back on the Big Mamas chicken for a little bit..


Parca slows down eventually fully stopping as he gets off of the treadmill. He makes his way toward the mirror as he looks at himself.


Parca: Rey Parca.. Could you imagine the thought? ME? As King of OCW? I feel like I’m living in a dream!


Parca: I came here to fight, I came here to fight the BEST especially. And now here we are, training for the most important tournament in OCW history. God breathe man breathe.


Parca then walks toward the weights as “You’re the Best” by Joe “Bean” Esposito plays. The cameras back away and fade down as we see Parca deadlifting before they fade to black.

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