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A Hatton Thanksgiving


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Graham Hatton: Whatcha boys doin’ here?


Cameraman: Uh, we were asked to by management. Check in on OCW wrestlers over the holidays. Check in on them. Make sure...um that they are, you know, seeing what they do for the holidays?


Graham: Ah, right. Come in! Look, we got some gator on the grill.


Graham turns around and disappears through the door.

The camera man turns to his partner: Document as evidence number 1, see that truck out there? I think it was stolen.


Inspector: Why do you say that?


Cameraman: It says ABC on the side.


Chase: Come in boys! Momma got a gator on the grill!


The cameraman pushes through cautiously.

Inspector: Oh my god.


Scampering through the hallway back towards the door Graham and Chase came running back.

Graham: Gator off the grill! Gator off the grill!


Chase: Run, boys!




Graham: That boy pissed! Get the net!


Not waiting to see what happens next the men leave, obviously feeling they have enough information.

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