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Anniversary 16 - Solomon Caine Leaves With the Belt


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The camera opens to the backstage parking garage of the 16th Anniversary arena, where a yellow cab is facing the door and the driver is resting against the car, smoking a cigarette. All of a sudden, Solomon Caine comes speeding through the backstage entrance carrying the Light Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder and wheeling a black luggage case, looking confused.


Cab Driver: Good evening, sir.


Caine jumps in surprise and frantically runs over to the cab, opens the trunk and throws his luggage case in the back. The cab driver walks over to Caine with a somewhat puzzled look on his face.


Cab Driver: In a hurry, I see?


Caine ignores him, slamming the trunk which startles the driver.


Solomon Caine: Let's go...


Cab Driver: I can take that for you, if you want?


The driver extends his right hand, as if to take Caine's belt. Caine looks down at his hand and back up, a crazed expression on his face.


Solomon Caine: ...What?


Cab Driver: Your belt?


Solomon Caine: ...no.. no no no.


Caine's expression turns to anger as he picks up the belt off his shoulder and decks the driver, sending him tumbling off the cab. He turns to the cab and gently places the belt on the closed trunk, extending his hands as if to keep it balanced. While keeping his eyes on it, he picks up the cab driver by the head and sends him through the back door window.


Caine picks the belt back off the cab, giving it a crazed smile before throwing it back over his shoulder. He glances back at the driver with a worried expression before hurrying out the garage door and speedwalking up the ramp. The camera fades to black.

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Solomon Caine, Harris Turner, and Roy Brown



1x CCW International Champion, as Solomon Caine

1x OCW Light Heavyweight Champion, as Solomon Caine

2nd Place, 2021 S-Cup Tournament, as Harris Turner




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