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OCWFed.com Exclusive: Spider's... Pitch?


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A camera fades into a man holding a yellow jacket that says “TRUE HOFER” on the back. He spins around stroking his chin with a big smile on his face. His silver tooth can be seen in his wide smile. You already know who it is.


RYU: ...So! That’s the plan… What do you think?


The camera pans to an angry looking Quartz. His arms are crossed and he’s already removed his PRISTINE SUNGLASSES.


Quartz: Spider… This is NOT what I agreed to when I pulled you out of that stupid cube.


Spider puts his hands up trying to calm down the big man.


RYU: I know, I know! Hear me out, though.


RYU: THIS? This will be the biggest thing of 2021. This idea, I promise you. You have my guarantee that it’s going to work out. You thought you were a star when you beat that crook Nate Ortiz… You have to trust me on this one, big guy. Just wait until OCW gets a load of…


Quartz throws his hands up, stopping Spider from continuing.


Quartz: Do not say it again, Spider. For Christ’s sake.


Spider has his hands held out, smiling at Quartz like a snake oil salesman as the big man lets out a deep sigh.


Quartz: ...Fine.


Spider claps his hands together and puts his arm around Ijitu Quartz.


RYU: Now then! We have just 2 weeks until we reveal our masterplan!


Quartz and Ryu Matsumoto walk out of the room, the latter looking much more pleased about whatever scheme hatchery is afoot.

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