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Starving for competition


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We hear the clinging of bowls as a large cheering crowd fills the inside of a tiny asian restaurant. A horn sounds as the 4 contestants start to put down their bowls.


The owner of the shop walks over to one of the women contestants and slaps the bowl out of her hands and lifts up the arm of the woman wearing a hat with the words “Bread Winner” on it.


Owner: AND OUR WINNER! With 115 plates!....uhhh what’s your name?


Woman mutters with food falling out of her mouth: Kumiko Pom Tanaka


Owner: Our winner Pom!


The owner looks over at her and yanks another plate of food out of her hands and tosses it aside before wrapping his arm around her with a smile on his face. As a picture the workers takes a picture of the two and pins it up on the wall of ultimate eaters.


Owner: You almost got close to beating our top star up there with his record of 200 bowls!


He points to the top of the picture wall revealing a picture with so much dust on it’s hard to make out who it is.


Owner: But don’t worry, you did good girly!


Owner squints his eyes and stares for a moment at her. Before saying “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” She ignores the owners comments as she stares up at the picture with intense glare as bits of rice clinging to her face.


Owner: umm okay...Weirdo...


The owner walks off as she continues to stare at the dusty picture as she lifts another bowl of rice to her face.

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