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Back at Home: Volume #1

El Parca

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The cameras open up into an enthralling room, in the background soft salsa music can be heard as a door opens and closes. A feminine hum can be heard in the room as the cameras change from a third-person view to the first-person view.


As the woman keeps humming to the feint salsa music she looks up and down the walls. The walls are plastered with OCW Pay-Per-View, and OCW TV show posters. All the pictures have one thing in common, El Parca is on them.


The woman approaches the nearest poster which is from Anniversary 16, she puts her hand on the poster and speaks out.


???: Oh mijo... how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown.


The woman walks past more posters as we can also see pictures of El Parca and his best friend Mark Reese. Pictures of the two travelings, posing in front of different landmarks, and a not so pretty eating contest. She stops in front of an old looking cabinet as she opens the doors. The cabinet shelves are full of old VHS tapes with many different years on them.


She reaches out for a tape that’s titled “Miguel’s First Match”, as she pulls it out a small, leatherlike mask lightly falls to the ground. The mask is fully blue with white circles around the eyes and the letters BA on the front in the middle of the eyebrows.


???: It all seems like it was yesterday when you were being fitted for this. God, where did the time go mi pequeno?


She turns around and goes to a nearby TV, she then places the tape into the VCR then takes a seat in a nearby chair.


The TV flickers as the tape finally boots up, a very grainy video can be seen as the cameras zoom into what is being played on the TV.


The following commentary has been voiced over by English Commentary for an easier viewing experience.


A commentator can be heard as the video opens up into a small, damp looking, gymnasium as shouting begins.


Commentator: Welcome my friends! We are here at Royvala’s School of Lucha Libre! And tonight, oh boy, do we have a show here for all of you in attendance and viewing at home! Young prospects will be showcased, legends will return, and much more!


The video cuts to a match graphic that is advertising Blue Atomico vs. Hijo de Gutierrez, mariachi music starts blaring over the loudspeaker as a small luchador makes his way out of the curtain. The luchador, wearing the very mask the woman found is in an all-blue attire waving to the crowd.


???: My boy, look at my sweet baby boy…


The camera quickly pans over to the woman who is softly crying while watching the old match. As it pans back to the video the commentator begins speaking again.


Commentator: And here we have Blue Atomico! A younger luchador, at the age of twelve, making his debut! Trained under head trainer/owner Hector Royvala, this young man could have a very bright future ahead of him!


As Blue Atomico makes his way to the ring the fans can be heard chanting Atomico! Atomico! before the music quiets down. Then, a different song comes on as another luchador comes out of the curtain, this time though the other luchador is bedazzled in sparkly gold and black fabric.


Commentator: My oh my! Would you look at this luchador! Hijo de Gutierrez, a third-generation luchador who has made a big splash here is looking to catch even more momentum tonight at the cost of Blue Atomico!


The tape pauses as the woman is called away by a soft voice in the background, as she makes her way out of the room the camera pan down and fade to black…

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