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The day of OCW 16 year anniversary

John Carter

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The following segment was filmed one month ago at OCWFed 16 year anniversary show


John walks into his locker room and sits in front of a camera


John:Well where do I even start. I’m here getting ready for my first ever pay per view match in OCW.I can not even tell you how excited I am to be not just here but competing on the 16th anniversary of this company alongside my good friend Chris Greene. Honestly the road I took to get here was a hard one but it was all worth it in the end.



The camera pans to the hallway to Tyler Walker walking by the locker room. Once he passes the camera goes back to John who shakes his head



John:I know I said I was going for Colin but that was before I ran into that guy. He thinks he runs this place and he decides everything. You wait for him to be ready. You do the work I’ll take the credit kind of guy. I’m surprised he’s actually on time for the show tonight. I really hope I don’t have to work with his lazy ass after this show. Derek though his partner seems to be a decent guy so far. I just hope he keeps his nose out of our business tonight because Tyler’s got something coming for him. I’ll see you guys after the match.


The camera stops rolling



After the match the camera comes back on as John and Chris make it backstage grinning from ear to ear. John pats Chris on the back then walks off from him. The cameraman follows as John ends up walking into a pissed off Derek Smith


Derek: The little stunt you pulled tonight it was cute, but next time…


Derek slams his hand on the shoulder of John Carter and grips his shoulder as John starts wincing in pain


John:Hey big man chill. This wasn’t about you. I actually think you’re cool it’s about your friend. He’s the one we’re after not you.


Derek:Haha it’s funny that you think that.


Derek grips harder pushing John down


Derek: But since you messed with him you gotta problem with me. Remember that next time you try to attack him, know that i’m gonna be there to.


Derek shoves John Carter and walks off


Derek:Watch your back John, before I put a steel chair to it.


Derek turn to John


Derek: And spread the message to Chris too.



John smirks and pushes the camera away


John:Man get that thing out of my face this documentary’s over I’m done with it.



John walks away



The cameraman catches up with John a few minutes later who’s now drinking water


Cameraman:Now that you’re cooled down a bit, care to comment on what just happened?


John:You know what I actually do want to. Derek thinks he can just put his hands on me. Maybe he’s as bad as his partner. I had respect for him. He wasn't why we did what we did, but that’s fine because he can go down with Tyler for all I care. Derek will learn quickly that his partners more of a problem than we are. He’s not going to make it here if he’s alongside him. This isn’t about friendships this is a business. He can stay around Tyler all I care because he’s not my problem. He’ll go down right alongside Tyler because let’s be real, with his attitude he won’t be here for long. We put up with Tyler’s shit because we have to but I dare him to try his little act with a veteran they’ll eat him alive.



John walks back to the locker room as the camera cuts

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