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Carter’s quest for cash

John Carter

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John is inside of his apartment in a panic


John:I don’t have that kind of money what am I going to do. Even if I gave him every penny in my bank account I’d be short like 50 thousand!!!!!



John starts looking through his house trying to find anything that could be worth something. He comes up with a dime and two toy OCW tag team championships.


John:I can convince some sucker these are real. Oh wait Wrestling Club hasn’t won a tag match yet….


Ya probably not too believable but hey I have a dime that’s something.


John keeps digging through things trying to find something of value. He looks inside his closet and finds some old gear from his first ever tag match with Chris.


John: Ah the memories. This was where it all started some crappy high school gym in New York. We lost obviously but hey that’s nothing new. We always had confidence it would turn around and hey we made it kind of.



John keeps digging and pulls out a painting and his eyes light up


John:This might get me closer to my goal



John drives down to a pawn shop and goes inside to pawn the painting. After being told it was a fake he walks out upset. He sits in his car with his head down


John:Im done for no way I will make pay. They’re gonna lock me up fuck.


John slams his hand on the dashboard


John: Everything I’ve worked hard for gone because of a stupid mistake. My career is over. I ruined it for me Chris and Dylan. They worked even harder to get here Chris has been dreaming of this since he was born and I messed it up.


John remembers an emergency bank account he has


John:That might have enough I might be saved.YESSSSS


John rushes over to the bank and takes out every thing he has from it

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