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The Mind of Quartz: February 6th, 2021 - Immediately Following Chill Faktor


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A silver chair slowly fades into view. The sound of a door slamming shakes the darkness as small specks of light begin to pop up. Walking in opposite the chair are two pairs of legs.


The camera pans up to see Inness and Intell. Inness crosses his arms and peers over to Intell, who straightens his glasses. They both take a step forward. A force slumps down into the silver chair, breathing extremely heavily. We have once again entered the Mind of Quartz.


Intell: Well?


Inness: You did it your way.


Panning up and around, we see the bloodshot eyes of Ijitu Quartz, the new OCW World Heavyweight Champion. He laughs in their face and throws the big gold belt over his shoulder proudly, leaning back in the chair, still breathing extremely heavily.


Intell: It’s been almost 20 years since we came to be. Every single step of the way, you have told anyone who would listen that your way was the only way.


Inness: Turning your back on friends, Isaiah’s family, people that cared about you… Even Rust Cohle.


Ijitu continues to smirk at the other two manifestations of his mind as he tries to catch his breath to no avail. He cannot find the words, just continuing to breath in an exhausted manner.


Intell: The only other person you ever truly cared about stood across from you tonight.


Inness: ...And you held nothing back. You did what I couldn’t do inside the chamber.


Ijitu nods his head to Inness and Intell, still breathing heavily.


Inness: Representing Isaiah is what we all want. Protecting who he is and who he was.


Intell: Respect, dignity, grace, honor? .


Intell places his hand on his chin and shakes his head, almost confused as to what he should be feeling.


Inness: ...No. Being the best. Reaching the top of that mountain before it was too late… Before the body ran out of steam.


Ijitu winces as he places his hand on his knee and stands up, clearly showing the effects of the match. He takes a step forward and lets out another series of deep breaths.

Intell: I think he would be proud.


Inness looks to his left to Intell inquisitively for a moment before turning his attention back to Ijitu.


Inness: Yeah. He would.


Ijitu smirks and looks at both of the other forces that make up Quartz. He looks down at the world title over his shoulder and shakes his head before taking one long deep exhale.


Ijitu: It’s… not over.


Intell and Inness look slightly confused.


Ijitu: I’m going to keep going… for as long as I can...


The view zooms between the heads of Intell and Inness and into the determined eyes of Ijitu Quartz. Tears begin to run down the face of the blue-eyed champion...


Ijitu: ...Because we’re Isaiah Quartz, gah’ dammit.


Quartz smiles and lowers his head, closing his tired eyes. Suddenly, the blackness fades as the door slams shut again. Back to reality as Quartz’ head snaps up and he throws on his PRISTINE SUNGLASSES to hide his bloodshot, tear-filled eyes.


In behind him walks Spider and TY Sparks. He slowly turns and holds the championship high above his head.




The scene fades as Quartz collapses into a nearby locker, clutching the world title as Sparks and Matsumoto run to him to celebrate the victory,

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