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After Riot 566 Tag Match


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The scene opens on the hallway, the curtain to the gorilla position still in site and Wrex can be seen sitting on a fold out chair drinking out of a water bottle with a lit cigarette beside him.


Wrex: Gotta admit, that went a hell of a lot better than I was expecting. Not had a tag match come together that well since... I won the tag belts.


Aisu comes into the frame and stands before Wrex.


Aisu: I told you this would be fun. Your technique is very different than mine but sometimes it is what it is.


Aisu: Why wouldn't you come by the Combat Center ? I am the head trainer there.


Wrex: I’m aware, trained that masked goof Parca into something reaching competence right?


He takes a drag from his cigarette while thinking it over.


Wrex: You know Aisu, I honestly expected this to be an utter shitshow. Figured we would end up fighting each other instead.


Wrex: But as much I hate to admit it.. this was actually, somehow fun.


Wrex: And I suppose that I’m not exactly busy this weekend. So why the fuck not.. where is it exactly?


Aisu: Well, I didn't expect this. Good. I'll shoot you the address. Oh and by the way, bring some gear with you. I'll show you how I work.


Wrex: Didn’t say anything about me having to actually do things..


He quiets down for a few moments.


Wrex: *Sigh* Fine.. I’ll be there.

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