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OCW Pre-Clash PPV exclusive: Combat Center


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Saturday March 13th 2021. Combat Center.



OCW Combat Center head trainer, Satohiko “Aisu” Hitta is in the middle of the multiple rings that compose the facility, looking over young talents as he always does. You can feel he enjoys his work.


But as he is giving advice, he continues to look at his watch, with the minutes passing.


Aisu: I should have known he wasn’t going to…


The double door of the complex opens wide as the Japanese born French man finishes his sentence. Almost everybody turns around, some of them stop in their tracks in fear. Hitta smirks.


Aisu: Well, seems like the address wasn’t easy to find or was the parking lot full ?


The bearded man with the cap ties up his boots while sitting on a bench, all eyes on him.


Wrex: Fuck off.


As he looks up.


Wrex: The less you stare at me now the less I stiff you today, deal?


Aisu: Okay, everybody get back to work now. I’ll be checking on each and everyone of you so don’t waste time.


He approaches Wrex.


Aisu: I see you brought your gear with you. Good. Come on, I’ll show you the area.


Wrex: Sounds fun...


Aisu: Chill out, you are not a stranger to this place. You see all the looks on you. They all know who you are and what you’ve done. I know there are a couple of guys here who are big fans of yours. Maybe they’ll train harder now that you are here.


Wrex: They ain’t training hard as they can already? Won’t make it a week on the real thing.


Aisu laughs.


Aisu: I knew you were going to say something like that.


He points his finger to a ring nearby.


Aisu: See, these guys came in last year, after the great success of our Tag Team Champion and former International Champion, El Parca. One of my proudest works.


Aisu: They all want to have the same success as he does. But they also know they need to give everything they got. I don’t go soft on them if they try to relax.


Aisu: This gym is not just another gym. These prospects are the future of our company. So they need to learn how to swim with sharks. Nothing less.


They continue to walk through the facility. Wrex stops.


Wrex: What’s going on over here? Group stretch outs?


Aisu: There are rumors flying, I am sure you heard of it. “There are no teams anymore” “Tag Team Wrestling in OCW is dead blablabla”.. So I want to make sure that the future of this division is safe. People can talk all they want, but we will continue to have killers competing and proving everybody wrong.


As he looks at Wrex from the corner of his eye with a smirk.


Aisu: Real Killers.


Wrex: Real killers huh? I’ll be the judge of that.


Aisu: Well, since you have your gear with you, why don’t you show them the way ?


Wrex: Suppose that’s what I’m here for.


Aisu claps his hands together so the pairings stop what they are doing.


Aisu: Boys boys boys. I am sure you already know, but I want to introduce you to my friend here, OCW Superstar and still Mr.Turmoil, Wrex.


The young guns look amazed and frightened at the same time.


Aisu: And since today is a special day, I want to invite Mr. Wrex to join us tonight in this very place to watch the Clash PPV with all of you.


Wrex looks angrily at Aisu.


Wrex: *whispering* We didn’t agree to this!


Aisu:.. But in the meantime, you’d have the honor to be training with the hardest hitting man in this company. Make sure to take valuable lessons from this. And don’t piss him off, please.


Aisu: Now go back to work!


Wrex stops and grabs him by the shoulder with some intensity.


Wrex: The hell are you playing at Aisu? I’m not you or their friend.


Aisu: Did you know Japanese whisky is known all over the world as the best whisky there is ? But of course, I wouldn’t plan something like this behind your back, I am not like that.


Aisu: But I happen to have a couple of bottles of 12 year old Yamazaki, and a 12 year old Hakushu sleeping in the back..


Wrex: ...I suppose I could stick around for the first match or two.


Aisu: So I guess it’s a “Yes” ? Cool, now let’s roughen up these prospects a bit. Just don’t kill them.


Wrex: Jesus Aisu. What do you take me for?

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