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Knuckle Dusters

John Carter

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The following video was posted to social media following the wrestling challenge



John: Some people just don’t learn do they. Mr.0-1 thinks he is good enough to answer my challenge



John chuckles


John: You don’t even have the ability to last here in OCW what makes you think you can ruin my moment at The Clash? I was about to have the match of my life but no you come out. You think I want to wrestle you? Hell no I don’t you do nothing for me. You want to make an impact by trying to take out the best rookie in OCW right now sorry Colin but I won the Rookie Rush. I’m not going to let you try to leech off my name. You did that to yourself you deserved that. Then I see fans crying on social media wahhhhhh why did John hit him with knuckle dusters wahhhhh it was his challenge. Well I’m not out here to fight people lesser than me. I am on a whole different level then the rest of these rookies. Wrestling Club is the future of this business I don’t have time to waste on people like you Hunter. Now stay in your place and don’t even think about stepping up to me again.



John cuts the camera

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