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Christian Garcia

Christian Garcia

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WRESTLER NAME: Christian Garcia

HOMETOWN: Billed from Santa Fe, New Mexico (born and raised in Angel Fire, New Mexico)

HEIGHT: 6'3"

WEIGHT: ~210 lbs

THEME SONG: "Killing Zone" by West One Music (OCW Rookie)


SIGNATURE MOVES(S): "Santa Fe Kiss" / Knee Smash, "Cambodian Killa Clutch" / Indian Deathlock, "G-Spot" / Stunt Rider Stretch, "Unnecessary Combat Roll" / Slingshot Neckbreaker, "Another F*cking Kick" / Thrust Kick

FINISHERS(S): "Aztec Neck Check" / Jumping Cravate Driver






Biography: Born to a hard-working single mother as the second oldest of five children in Angel Fire, New Mexico, Christian Garcia grew up rough, with his family moving to the rough-and-tumble city of Gallup shortly after his birth due to threats from his stepfather, and was forced to become the man of the house at an all-too-early age when his older brother brother, Royce, was killed in a gang-related incident when Christian was only 13 years old.


Young Christian found comfort and solace in the varsity wrestling program at Hiroshi Mirayuma High School, where the abnormally tall (at 5'9 at 13, jumping to 6'3" at 16) young man found a passion for grappling and formed a familial bond with his coach, Hector Mallard. He would win three state championships in varsity-division wrestling, two at 195 and one at 220. Upon graduating from high school, he would receive an athletic scholarship from New Mexico Highlands University in wrestling, and would compete for all four years of college while pursuing a degree in sports medicine.


However, college studies weren't the only thing in the cards for Christian Garcia, as he'd found MMA at the insistence of his former high-school wrestling coach, and used combat sports as an outlet for his own repressed emotions about his childhood and his notoriously short fuse, going 3-1 at light-heavyweight in the regional scene in New Mexico before leaving MMA behind before his third year, unsatisfied by the level of competition he was facing but not elite enough to make a career out of it. Instead, he turned his attention to pro wrestling, making his debut in Boneyard Pro Wrestling in Roswell at the age of 23, wrestling part time until he finished his schooling.


Boneyard Pro Wrestling would be where Christian Garcia fell in love with wrestling, and though he started with the initial attitude of being a hard-working, blue collar, working man's hero, his darker impulses quickly took over and he became one of the most vicious heels in the company, using his knowledge of the human body through athletic study to disassemble opponents limb by limb, with a particular focus on the legs. He would almost immediately join in with the Last Chancers stable in BPW, ousting their leader Tate and forcing him to leave the company before taking over as the group's new leader, and leading tag team partner Cooper to two separate BPW Tag Team Championships.


Upon losing the belts for the first time, Garcia would shortly thereafter beat Deathmatch Champion Fuerza to capture his first singles championship, and would hold the Deatmatch Title for a record-setting 17 defenses over a year and five months, a record which still stands in BPW to this day, including matches against the returning Tate, former tag-team champion Cooper, and even BPW founder Barry Lancaster before dropping the belt to Cooper in a two-out-of-three falls barbed wire deathmatch. Taking another year off, Garcia would make a surprise return to BPW and capture the BPW championship off of Cooper, who had just recently had a monumental babyface run to capture the title, and holding it for a two-month reign before dropping the belt back to Cooper again. Garcia would hold the tag team belts one final time with Cooper when the champion Cooper turned heel and reformed Last Chancers for a final tag run before the former took time off to be with his new wife- Constance Garcia, Christian's sister, who met Cooper at her brother's first wrestling match.


At the insistence of his brother-in-law and friend, Garcia went on one final run in BPW before announcing his departure from the promotion after losing a title eliminator to Tate, being sent off for the first time in his career with cheers as he announced that he'd signed with OCW's most recent rookie class.


Now a member of the rookie class, Christian Garcia is constantly mistaken by the rest of the roster for Wrestling Club member Chris Greene, despite being of different ethnicity, taller, and heavier than the other man. Time will tell if Christian will distinguish himself from the herd and achieve the same success he had on the independent scene.

  • Mark Out! 1

Christian Garcia:


1x North American Champion


Jasmin Kaffee:


1x World Women's Champion

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