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  1. We find ourselves on the rustic set of the Kaffee Break again, with the backdrop and setup noticeably more polished than last week’s segment. The stools between Jasmin and her guest have been removed, leaving a bit of space between the two women, and everything just looks… nicer. That being said, the nicest thing on set is clearly Regina Tacet, who sits across from Jasmin, practically beaming as she signs over to her friend. Captions translate the signs for those in the audience who aren’t familiar with Dragana’s manner of communication. Dragana: It’s so nice to see you again! Jasmin: You know, I think out of this entire division, you might actually be my only friend. Isn’t that nuts? I mean, how many girls here pretended to be my pal because they wanted to hop on my wave, and then there was just you, supporting me unconditionally. Jasmin: I owe everything I’ve done here to you, I hope you know that. Dragana looks a bit uncomfortable at the insinuation that she’s Jasmin’s *only* friend, but she plays along and nods. Jasmin, seemingly not noticing the discomfort, manages to move along. Jasmin: So, Cesar Dojo. Never trained with you formally, but I gotta give you your props. I’ve been through multiple training systems, I’m a former professional fighter. I’ve been training at the ranch back when CG used to do MMA coaching, I was in the Pine Dojo, I was in Aries’ Academy… Jasmin: What you’re doing at the Cesar Dojo is just… so radically different from every other training regimen out there right now. Just, like… take me through that thought process, take me through what made you want to run your school like this? Dragana: One of my best friends helped me at a dark time. She saved my life. I will never forget that. I don't know if I can ever repay her, but I can use what I've learned to pay it forward. Dragana takes a moment to think before proceeding. Dragana: I want to create a nurturing environment where people from all walks of life can be themselves and help each other. Our training is not just about fighting. It's my profession of course, but for anyone else, nobody should have to fight if they can help it. Through meditation, readings and self care techniques, I want all of my students to exceed their potential to help them through their journeys. Jasmin: That’s awesome, I really love that for you and your students, it seems like you’re building something really special. Dragana: I’m really trying my best. Jasmin smiles and leans over a bit to grab Dragana’s hand and reassure her. Jasmin: If it’s anything like what you’ve done for me, you’re doing great. With that, the two women hold their gazes for a few moments, before Jasmin turns to the camera with a sly grin, almost as if she’s back to her pre-Clash self. Jasmin: I’m honestly in love with this woman. Jasmin, unable to help herself, starts laughing, leaving a mildly embarrassed Dragana to cover her mouth, though it’s clear from the sounds she’s making and the shaking of her shoulders that she’s having a bit of fun with it too.
  2. Seeing Claudio making these strides at self-improvement makes me want to be a better person too.
  3. I wish all fat-titted whores named Ijitu a very merry go fuck yourself. Show review time! Parker said 'fine, I'll do it myself' on the SOE stuff, and good for him. Enjoyable match, a win's a win. Need to see more from Aiden before I make a judgement on him, but like what I've seen so far. Theme song fucking bangs. Game effort as always from the DAWWWWWG. Classic backstage Ry brawl between Mass Effect and Grit and Glory. No complaints here, didn't overstay it's welcome in my opinion and did what it needed to do. If your promo and beatdown are less than two minutes in total, I think you're in a good spot. Old man A-Mart joining up with the jilted old man is a glove-like fit, although KC is a bit more of a stretch. Austin writes him well though, so I'm fully bought into their little chicanery. I'm still not the biggest mark in the world for their stuff, but a well-done segment is a well-done segment. No shade here. Kudos, well done. I hate to say it like this, but BASH beating up John after the Mad Dawg match just feels like 'get me my heat back, brother'. Don't have a problem with it, it just made me laugh a bit in hindsight. Free C-Note and Flojo my guys didn't do shit, I believe in them. They gonna beat them allegations. Speaking of allegations serial tummy tickler Rust Cohle and Horse are gonna do a tussle. I've made it clear in the past I don't know if I'm the target demographic for Horse, but even if I don't always get what's going on with funny horse head man even a blind and deaf man would understand that Rust vs. Horse will be a certified banger. Claudio has had enough LOLOL, holy SHIT. Have you seen what blud does to fans? What do you think he's gonna do to you, C-Note! Watch yo profanity. ELLLLL HOMBREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Luis Bishop matches always pop me. I wish he was involved in a feud or a bigger program, he deserves it! However, the match ended with the same 'getting my heat back' thing the last one did. This is basically Bash's MO at this point, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was just something that was part of his gimmick now, but I could see why it might leave a bad taste in someone's mouth, especially when he and Luis aren't necessarily feuding. Good match, though. Shout out my beloved son Luis. Return of the Ambition rookie ass eater Johnny Tsunami. Not particularly upset by this, will probably have some good matches... would have rathered a Fraser return though. How long has Bolek been in DNS? Did I miss something? I don't like it. At this point, the gang is just getting massively bloated. I've been a huge supporter of everything they're doing, and I still am, but I fail to see what adding Bolek does for both DNS OR for Bolek. Glad my match was enjoyed. I was indeed a bit rusty but I'm glad to finally knock the last of my CG dream matches out of the park. Thanks as always to Mr. Big Chest Jake Allen for being game. Jynx promo was fine. Nothing else to say about it, really. Just more of what we expect from him, which is good. Skipping ahead a bit- holy FUCK I should not have watched that Karmine segment right now, I'm laugh-coughing my fucking lungs up. Goddammit, Mr. Big Chest got me again. Oh hey, Val is back! I hope they stick around this time, I rather like them as a person. <3 "I am a professional wrestler, you are a professional wasteman" is probably one of the hardest disses I've heard in the entire month. More ME / Grit and Glory goodness. Nothing else to say. Just good. Hijo del Harnage, damn, we shooting now. Thankfully that didn't last very long. I was worried when it started that they'd overdo it, but the little thing there didn't overstay its welcome. I would have preferred his comeback be against an actual person, but I kind of understand the thought process here. I may finish this later.
  4. Backstage, it looks like one of the studio rooms has been converted to something resembling either a small coffee shop or a dive bar. The can of beer in Jasmin Kaffee’s hand, as she sits at said bar, makes it a bit less ambiguous what’s going on here. Sitting a stool or two apart from Jasmin, and facing her, is Marisa Welsh-Mac. Jasmin: Well, Marisa, I guess it’s my job to welcome you to the first ever episode of The Kaffee Break. Thanks for comin’ in on such short notice, I know when I sprung this on ya it was a bit of a ‘oh shoot we’re doing this next week’ kind of thing. Marisa: Well thank you for having me Jasmin. I have no problem helping a sister out. Interesting setup you have here. Jasmin: Glad you like the ‘white trash chic’, ma’am, was the new agent's idea. Anyway, I’m not much of a talk show host, and as you can tell, my voice ain’t what it used to be, but I’ve had some stuff I’ve wanted to get off my chest here for a minute in regards to you, ma’am. Marisa almost looks scandalized, and Jasmin manages to offer her a crooked smirk from behind her beer can before resuming the conversation. Jasmin: Last time you and I met, week before Wrestlution, I was in the main event that night against Ashley Moore, and what you said really stuck with me. I’m not gonna lie, it had me mad for a second. Marisa: Yeah, I remember. I’m not gonna apologize for what I said though. I believe I can carry this women’s roster on my back. I possess everything a wrestling diva aspires to be. Talent, sex appeal, charisma, strength and athleticism. I have the “it factor”. If I’m being honest, I don’t think anyone compares to me. And if it wasn’t for Deborah and Sue screwing me, I would be women’s champion right now. I really should’ve been the first woman to hold that new belt, Jas. Jasmin: And you know what? Considering I’m not here, I can kind of look at things as an outsider and I’ve gotta say, you got a damn point, I mean, come on. What has Shianne Lovelace done beside lick Empress’ feet? I love Sue, I do, wonderful person, but I just don’t see her rising above unless she stops trying to be friends with everybody. Marisa: Certainly didn’t help you any. I see all these women for who they really are. Jasmin: I’m saying! And Deborah Soto, Debora mother…Deborah Soto, Jesus, I’m gone from this division for a month and somehow she’s champion? I mean, come on, man. Me, personally, I’d want someone who actually wears Gucci or Ralph Lauren on my TV instead of somebody trying to fake it out of being broke, you know? Marisa: We saw Claude Hall back at ‘Cide, now, come on, we know what real designer looks like! Big Deborah screams Canal st. She screams DHgate. The two women laugh, almost as if their previous tense encounter had never happened. Jasmin quickly changes the subject, however, to Marisa. Jasmin: So, you told me you can carry this division on your back, but you know, you’ve got a lot on your plate right now with the ghost of Purple People Eaters past, Morgan whatsherface and Flojo, so… what’s next for Missus Mac? Marisa: You know what’s next for me. I’m going to keep grinding till I get that beautiful strap. As far as FloJo is concerned, we all know who should’ve won that bikini contest, but it’s whatever, everyone knows the deal. And Morgan, Morgana, whatever her name is, she messed with the wrong bitch. These games ain’t new to me. She doesn’t scare me. Marisa: So I’ll be more than happy to send her back to whatever psych ward she escaped from. She better leave me the hell alone if she knows what’s good for her. And that’s all the breath I’m going to waste on that poor girl. The camera fades to an advertisement, which states that the rest of ‘Kaffee Break with Marisa Welsh-Mac’ is available exclusively on OCWFed.com
  5. I was high as a kite while this show was going and the forum ate my first post so now I'm pissed off. May add more to this later, here's my late night hazy thoughts. Sheldon- I still do not have much love for Aries being in the world title picture so soon after an utterly ridiculous twist that he pulled. However, while Aries has at least brought me around to heel heat thanks to his stellar playing up of that disconnect and using it to fuel his promos, Sheldon has improved LEAPS and BOUNDS since his time in sanctum, and it shows. He's really come into his own in many ways, from promos and writing to voicing his own character and the quality of his in-ring work. Regardless of the results, I'm happy to see that Sheldon has flourished in such a manner. I look forward to seeing more of the guy, especially if he retains. AJ Miller has won me over immediately, which doesn't surprise me. With the women's division currently the widest open it's been in quite some time, there's plenty of new names waiting to assert themselves. Perhaps a few months down the line we see AJ making a run for that big white belt. Wish Danny stuck around. Assuming from his recent absences and his way of speaking about them he really just doesn't ahve the time for OCW anymore. Nothing to be ashamed of there, but it's always a bit of a gutwrencher for me as a fan of most of the content every week when I know that these big pops are just that- a one-time pop. If Danny does prove me wrong and makes a full time return, I will be an extremely happy camper indeed. I'm curious as to who the 'patient' is now, as they seem to have cast a pretty wide net in a short time. Flojo vs. Marisa? Inject it into my fucking VEINS. Considering one of these women, IMO, should be competing for the title, and the other has the briefcase to do just that, seeing these two women lock up as I KNOW this bikini contest will end in violence, has my little jehsticles a-quivering. Gotta agree that while the Bingo-Rust build hasn't been the most scintillating thing in the world, not every match needs to have life-or-death stakes or be deeply personal to move the needle. It just needs the right characters. Recently dethroned world champion Rust has done pretty much everything you can do in OCW except, MAYBE, and I might be wrong, be International Champion. Probably has done that and I just don't know about that. Bingo is a scalp, the same as any other big 'up and coming or current star vs. grizzled vet' PPV match we might see on TV today. Says what it needs to say, does what it needs to do, and sells itself in spite of lacking the deeply personal storylines many other feuds on this show have. Matches were just all around solid, but I have to go back to AJ Miller again. Excited to see her in the main event of Ambition and see what's in store for the karate kid. #Icemandidnothingwrong
  6. Whereculture recently reported that OCW Superstar Christian Garcia's contract status was, as yet, unknown. Well, parties involved revealed to us after Riot 608 that indeed, his contract status has changed vis-a-vis his appearance on the show. The former North American Champion and one time tag title contender is, according to OCW management representatives, on a 'provisional contract' that was drawn up with the advisement of both Christian Garcia and the COO of the company. While the specifics of pay rate and work rate were not disclosed, what is known is that the contract is startlingly short by OCW standards. Stated to be a 'provisional' contract, Christian Garcia has signed exclusively with OCWFed solely until May 1st 2024. OCW Management and the Cuban-American wrestler have both expressed that this was a mutually agreed upon provision, and that Garcia himself was the one who asked for the provisional status of the contract. The contract is the first redrawn contract to feature the new 'decency' bylaws being enforced by OCW regarding a move to a slightly less vulgar product, and acknowledgements of the newly enforced penalties for assaulting OCW officials. Garcia is reportedly 'unbothered' by the strict terms of the contract. In a follow-up interview with Whereculture, CG was asked as to why he proposed the provisional contract. To quote the former champion, he said: "In all honesty, my OCW career has not really been all that successful. I was the North American Champion, sure, but all my career I've always been a stooge to somebody else, be that El Parca, Aries, or whoever it was i despised most at the time. This is closer to the contracts rookies get. I told the front office guys that I wanted as close to a 'fresh start' in OCW as I could get, and that's where we got the contract ironed out. There's no bad blood between me and any of the members of management that I know of, and if I'm not re-signed at the end of the contract, no hard feelings." With the recent and sudden departure of Claude Hall from the promotion in a storm of controversy, many assumed that Christian Garcia would be following suit, with many dirt sheets reporting that the two might have even been penciled in for a match at MJPW Wrassle Cassle, with both men heavily 'fantasy booked' as world championship contenders in the company in the vein of former MJPW Heavyweight Champion turned OCW prospect Atsushi Hada. While we couldn't reach Claude Hall for comment, CG has said that while anything is possible, OCW is 'special to him', and he feels a certain amount of loyalty to the company that means more to him than just money.
  7. The Drago Show, featuring Drago and Dragana
  8. For fans who were wondering why one half of an OCW tag team suddenly disappeared from TV, an explanation has finally come to light. Christian Garcia, one half of Los Sicarios and former North American Champion, was last seen in the main event of Turmoil 299, where he participated in a triple threat with Lution 17 standouts John Carter and Mark Reese. Since then, there has been complete and total radio silence from the Cuban-American wrestler... until now, that is. Christian Garcia, in an interview with Whereculture's Adam Adams, revealed that he was taking time off with the blessing of the company due to undisclosed health issues, and does not have a timetable for his return. Having now set up permanent residence in Cuba, Christian Garcia states that he does have a work visa to continue appearing in OCW, but is planning on making the most of the time he's been given to rest and recuperate. Addressing reported rumors that he was seeking his release from the company, Christian refused to confirm or deny if this was the case, saying that he was 'weighing his options'. MJPW has shown interest in signing the OCW star, but as of now, Garcia is still listed as an active member of the OCW roster, and has also occasionally been seen with trainees at the Scumchester Academy.
  9. Fuck, and I quote, these hoes.
  10. The unfortunate news keeps on coming for OCW World Women's Champion Jasmin Kaffee, who suffered a severe laryngial fracture, tracheal tear, and bruised C1 vertebrae in the first ever OCW Women's War Games match. Despite medical advice and company encouragement, Jasmin refused full-time medical assistance, returning to the company after only two weeks of having tracheal reconstruction surgery. This rush to return to action and defend her title, unfortunately, is believed to be the cause of her most recent injury. In the aftermath of her Women's Championship match, Jasmin collapsed and began to show signs of distress, leading to medical personnel being called. According to OCW medical staff, Jasmin re-opened her tracheal tear during final stages of the match, with medical staff believing the attempted poison mist by Furiosa causing irritation in the throat that caused her to re-open her stitches. Though fans were noticeably quiet and perturbed at the state of the former fan-favorite, medical staff expect that she will make a full recovery. However, more bad news - in the wake of her repeated injuries, OCW has been forced to make a difficult decision. With her current condition, Jaysin Sensation and Jasmin's personal representative, and domestic partner, Marcus McMichaels, have stated that allowing Jasmin to continue in her state will only result in further injury, possibly debilitating. With that in mind, Jasmin Kaffee has relinquished her OCW World Women's Championship, bringing an end to her reign at only 109 days, and a single title defense. McMichaels, on behalf of Kaffee and her loved ones, has asked for privacy at this time. While a full recovery is still a ways out, medical officials have said that Jasmin's re-aggravated tracheal tear will take about two months to fully heal, though they have also stated that they will not offer a concrete timetable for Jasmin's return, as there are concerns that returning too early will only serve to re-aggravate Jasmin's injuries even further. She is expected to undergo surgery on Monday.
  11. Watching El Parca vs. KC Barrett backstage, Christian Garcia is wearing a black and gold suit, with a Scumchester-branded wristband, a symbol of solidarity with his mentor, rival, and friend(?). He looks... tired, especially when Aries reappears. CG: What a joke. CG: I gave months of my life to that Academy. I gave my first title reign to this bullshit. You kicked me out of your fucking boys club, and for what? For you to fake the dead and- He cuts himself off with a frustrated, low hum. CG: You kick Jasmin out of your stupid little gang because she didn't know what to do, you go sell yourself out in a stupid match against stupid Spider and leave your family in the lurch, AGAIN, and for WHAT? FOR WHAT!?. CG, enraged, runs his hands through his dyed blonde locks. The camera shifts just enough to see his face. He's not enraged... he almost looks like he's in despair. CG: And now you're gonna go ahead and prey on Miguel! What's next? You gonna go dig up Valmont from his trailer park and go after the tag titles? You gonna start a new 'GOAT Academy' and try to rope in some other gullible sucker like me? CG: You gonna stop by Wrex's place and teach him how to be a proper OCW father figure to Megan? You gonna finally check in on your son after he spent six months in the pen? I was right about you, you piece of shit! CG: AND PEOPLE ACT LIKE YOU'RE THE GOAT!? PEOPLE ACT LIKE YOU'RE BETTER THAN ME!? YOU'RE NOT BETTER THAN ME, PINCHE SERPIENTE-! CG turns away from the broken screen, and looks up at the ceiling, letting out a frustrated scream. He runs his hands over his face, letting out a long, weary sigh. A deep, dawning realization hits the former North American Champion. Taking a few steps back, he sits on the costuming table that was under the TV he just demolished, and looks off at something in the distance. There is a pause, long, and uncomfortable. People, attracted to the noise, whisper furtively and mutter under their breath, but CG ignores them. A single, shaky inhale, followed by an equally unsteady exhale, as the North American Champion puts words to the feeling that has been haunting him for the past month. CG: I want to blame you for this, Stephen. But I can't. CG: I'm no closer to a title than I was before, these people still don't respect me, and now I'm... look at me, what do I even have? Luis can't stand me. Jasmin hates my guts, Wrex doesn't trust me, my best friend barely even looks like the guy I knew, and.... CG: ...you're not better than me. You're not better than me. CG throws a bit of broken glass off of the table, along with a roll of unused fabric, before placing his head in his hands. The camera fades out on the image of a devastated Garcia, contemplating nothing as he tents his hands over his mouth, trying to keep some measure of composure.
  12. We find ourselves in a home gym, built up in a garage somewhere. It's dark-judging by the moonlight cracking through the windows, it's late at night. It's still, and quiet, the only noise being the light clicking and clanking of workout equipment, and the heavy, raspy breathing of the Women's Champion, Jasmin Kaffee. The camera doesn't find her, first, though. Instead, we're given something of a tour. viewing pictures from happier times- a younger Jasmin and her teammates at a cheer conference championship. A hospital bed, with a newborn baby in her arms. A shot from an MMA event, bloody and beaten up with two belts over her shoulders. A shot of her backstage at her first OCW event, next to one Terra Daturas. A group photo of the GOAT Academy, as it was. A photo from a movie date with Marcus. The camera shifts focus to reveal her fully- the sports bra and workout shorts she's wearing reveal notable bruises on her shins, forearms, neck, and fists. Her eyes are bloodshot and unfocused from lack of sleep. A sheen of sweat covers her entire body, and her already fair skin is far too pale to be healthy. It's not clear how long she's been in here, but it's probably been far too long. ???: Champ. A distinctly male voice stops Jasmin dead in her tracks, and her eyes suddenly regain some focus, darting across the room to see if she can find the source of the voice. Releasing her grip on the pull-up station she was using, she drops to the floor with a slight buckle in her legs, and looks around. The voice sounds like it's coming from within the garage, and Jasmin slowly walks over to the shelves where some of the pictures are kept. She opens a toolbox sitting beneath the shelf, and pulls out a combine wrench. When the voice speaks up again, it does so in Jasmin's voice. Before it was wrecked by her injury. Jasmin?: I don't know what to do, I thought-I thought maybe he'd stick around, that this'd be a family, b-but I can't have a kid! I-I don't even know how to take care of one! I'm not even-! The voice seems to be coming from one of the photographs, the one with her and her son, specifically. Her grip tightens on the wrench. Another voice, this time of a young woman, probably a teenager. This one comes from the cheerleading photo. Cheerleader?: You know she's a freak, right? I mean, look at her! Look at her face! Look at that body! How do you even live looking at that in the mirror every morning? Laughter. More teenagers. Jasmin swings her wrench seemingly without a second thought, shattering the glass picture frame. The laughter stops, but now, another voice seems to echo from another picture. MMA Opponent: When I look at Jasmin Kaffee, one word comes to mind- fragile. When she steps into the cage with me, when all the pressure's on her, she will crumble. She will fall to pieces like she has her entire life-! Another swing of the wrench silences it, but that just leaves something else to speak. El Parca?: Turns out, you aren't all that- Terra?: You are a disgusting human being... Aries?: I'm wasting my time, training this one- CG?: You have coasted by on my name for long enough- Deborah?: Fake-ass BITCH! Ashley Moore?: Trailer trash! Bill Pine?: You've shamed this dojo- Drago?: -kind of pathetic, if I honest. Dragana?: a tired, annoyed sigh. John Carter?: You ruined EVERYTHING! Seltzer?: The worst OCW Women's Champion in recent memory- Harri?: I should have finished the job! Empress?: Drop dead, you nasty bitch- Marcus McMichaels?: I think I made a mistake, choosing this. Zoe and Heather?: You do not deserve this moment- Atlas K.?: I wish you weren't my-! Atlas K.: -Mom? The lights in the garage flick on, revealing Jasmin standing amidst a mess of broken glass and picture frames, her feet notably bleeding where she's stepped on the shards. A few cuts line the backs of her hands, and the wrench lies discarded on the floor. Backlit by the house, Atlas Kaffee stands in the doorway. Atlas K: Mom? Are you okay? I heard stuff breaking- Jasmin nods, offering a weak, half-hearted smile. Despite still being relatively young, it's clear Atlas doesn't buy it. The pre-teen starts to walk toward her, trying his best to avoid the broken glass, visibly wincing when he fails... and gives his mom a hug. Jasmin seems to notice his injured feet, and quickly lifts him up to head back into the house, seemingly ignorant of the trail of blood and broken glass trailing after her footsteps. As she turns the lights off and steps back into the house, a third voice can be heard. Marcus: What happened? You're blee- Jasmin: Accident...I'm fine. The door shuts on a room full of broken photos, and the camera closes with it.
  13. If there's spooky pervs In your wrestling fed Who you gonna call? Kassbusters! If there's weird face paint And it don't look good Who you gonna call? Kassbusters! Doo doo, doo doo, doo doo, doo doo, doo doo dooodoo doo-
  14. In the aftermath of her vicious attack on Ashley Moore, Jasmin Kaffee is cornered backstage by a frazzled and heavy-breathing Stacy Clark, clearly rattled by both her encounter with Bertha Stigglitz and now, seeing the Woman's Champion in such a state. Stacy: Jasmin, I think I speak for all of the OCW fans when- Jasmin is able to speak, at least somewhat, but her voice is even raspier than usual, and she is clearly in extreme pain from her injuries. Jasmin: Fans? FANS? Jasmin: These...animals cheered... when I was... HUMILIATED! Stacy: Jasmin, please stop, you're hurting yourself- Jasmin: SHUT! UP! Stacy recoils as Jasmin practically towers over her, the women's title over her shoulder. Despite the rage on her features and the blood on her lip, Jasmin is...visibly crying. Between coughs and half-restrained sobs, she continues. Jasmin: I gave you... EVERYTHING! Jasmin: John! Ashley! Terra! Sue!- Another ferocious coughing fit, and she continues. Jasmin: Deborah! Catriona! Aries! Miguel! Felix! I put up... with ALL OF IT! B-Because... I LOVED YOU! Jasmin: And I get... my knee... SHREDDED! My larynx... CRUSHED! My heart... BROKEN! Jasmin: A-and all you... can do... is ask... me... 'why'? ... All you... want... is this STUPID BELT! Jasmin: M-my b-boyfriend needs ME... my son... needs ME. You all... can go FU- Jasmin's near-uncharacteristic burst of profanity is cut off by her entering another hysteric coughing fit, tears dropping from her eyes and a noticeable stream of blood slowly falling onto the concrete at her feet, and onto the toes of her boots. Stacy, perhaps the only person to show the women's champion kindness today, tries to help her, but is forcefully shoved aside by an agonized Jasmin, who falls to her knees as her coughing fit gets worse. Stacy: Somebody help! Can we get medics here, she can't breathe! Jasmin fully crumples to the floor, holding her stomach as the horrendous coughing only gets worse. Another pair of feet rush to the scene, and a familiar voice takes over. CG: Stacy, call 911, I got the medics coming with an oxygen inhaler and some sedatives. Stacy, despite her many, MANY issues with CG, does not hesitate to pull out her phone and start dialing emergency services, leaving the camera to focus on CG as he attempts to tend to his former protege, an intense sadness on the former North American champion's face as he does the best he can... Jasmin is able to wrench her head just enough to look at her mentor, and snarl out three more agonized words. Jasmin: I HATE YOU!
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