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Target Practice

Jacob Trance

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We are merely hours before the start of Turnoil Plus Ultra, the final show before the grandest granddaddy of them all, Wrestlution. For some reason we are in the parking lot, a wide eyed, suspiciously hyped up Thomas Archer can be seen whacking trash cans of varying sizes with a metal rod.


Archer: Morrison… Come out and play, I’m right here Mikey boy!


Archer takes a breath as a man in a ski-mask appears. He’s not your average goon, he very much has a presence and look about him. The big man leans down and whispers something into Archers ear and he gets excited.


Archer: Where?! Show me!


The masked man leads Archer round the corner to confront what is quite clearly Nicholas Maximus in facepaint.


Archer: Mad Man Maximus! I knew you’d be here, amongst the trash, like a giant orange catfish!


Maximus doesn’t respond, upon closer inspection it would appear he has been bound and gagged. As Archer approaches, genuine fear slips into his eyes. The masked man gives a nod and turns his back, standing guard at the entrance of the alley. The camera very, very quickly pans up to the sky before blows can be seen. Unfortunately muffled screams and fleshy thumps make it through the audio channel before the feed is cut off.

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